Moral Fables from Hindu Mythology

Moral Fables from Hindu Mythology

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Author: Kolar Krishna Iyer
Publisher: Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati
Language: English
Edition: 2012
Pages: 86 (2 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Scriptures and Sacred texts like the great Epics and Puranas anci other Spiritual literature of our great country the BHARAT point out that human birth affords a valuable opportunity to strive for Liberation-the ultimage goal of life. The means for attaining this is spelt out in the most convincing manner in the several anecdotes from the lives of great devotees and Men and Women.

Though the God is the Supreme Being He is accessible to His-devotees and he is the only one who can offer liberation. He is also full of Compassion towards one and all. Hence if one approaches Him with sincerity and devotion, His is ever ready to protect and give refuge. It is also emphasized in the Sacred Scriptures that the role of service to the devotees is as much as to Him. There are besides the great devotees, persons, men and women in our Epics and Puranas who have made great sacrifices made great charities and shown courage and self-sacrifice of even their lives in helping others in distress and the downtrodden. It is also evident from reveral anecdotes that he, the Supreme Lord of the Universe has hastened to rescue a countless number of devotees (his Bhaktas) in distress.

An attempt is made in the pages that follow to give anecdotes from our Spiritual literature like the great Epic’s the Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Mahabhagavatha and other Spiritual literature and present them to the readers in brief and simple language.

The reading of these anecdotes, it ia earnestly wished and hoped, will have constructive impact urging us in our lives to try to follow the foot-steps of these great devotees, men and women and go forward towards the achievement of the purpose for which we are born as human beings in our great country the BHARAT which is famous for Spiritual Heritage since ancient times.




1 Surdas 1
2 Karna The Great Giver (I) 2
3 Bhima and Hanuman 3
4 The Idol of Puri Temple 4
5 Love Alone Pleases God 6
6 Jaya And Vijaya 7
7 King's Grace or God's Grace 9
8 The Kashmir Shawl 11
9 Great Charity 12
10 Service To Devotees 14
11 Sage Singara 16
12 Sri Bhanudasa 17
13 Shabari 18
14 Devotee Kanakadas 20
15 Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi 22
16 Jayadev And His Ashtapadi 23
17 Eknath and The Leper 25
18 The Work 25
19 Origin of Raghu Dynasty 27
20 Abhi Ram Bhatta 28
21 Skandapuranam 29
22 Poonthanam, The Great Devotee 31
23 Bhima The True Devotee of Lord Sri Krishna 32
24 Efficacy of God's Name 33
25 The Karna the Great Giver of Charity (II) 35
26 Pippaladas Foolish Boon 36
27 Haridas the Divine Musician 37
28 Azhagi the True Devotee 39
29 Dadichi's Great Sacrifice 40
30 Sweet Offer to Lord Krishna 42
31 Sukadeva, the Great Learned 43
32 King Ambarisha 44
33 God Plays the Role of a Devotee - Senanavi 46
34 Kavadi Story 48
35 Parikshith- Mahabhagavatam 50
36 Markendeya the Great Devotee of Lord Siva 51
37 Valmiki's Ramayana 53
38 The Story of Aswamedhayaga Horse 54
39 Kamban -the Great Poet 55
40 Sage Agastya Defeats Ravanasura 59
41 Subhadra, The Chaste Woman 61
42 Uvala and Vatapi (The Evil Asuras) 63
43 Vallavar -Compassion Incarnate 65
44 The Ungrateful Dog 66
45 Gargimukhi a Demoness 67
46 Chirakari, the wise Sage 68
47 King Neelan 69
48 The Great Sacrifice 70
49 Sarmistha 74
50 Sibi Chakravarthi 77

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