Nakshatra: Constellation (Based Predictions - Book II Dasa Predictions)

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Author: K.T.Shubhakaran
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Book Description

With the blessings of "SURYA AND GANAPATHI", I am presenting this humble treatise "Book II of tile NAKSHATRA (CONSTELLATION) BASED PREDICTIONS - DASA PREDICTIONS. I am thankful to tile learned readers who have appreciated my other three books.

Astrology is one of the Vedangas. Astrology is a Mystical Shastra. According to our revered Dr.B.V. Raman, tile greatest exponent of astrology of today" Astrology relies more upon tile skill and intuitive capacities of the interpreter than upon complicated rules". I entirely agree with this statement, as there is no system available today to predict tile events accurately.

"Dasa System" means "timing of tile fate of human beings based on tile position and condition of tile planets at birth". Changes do happen in tile life of a native at each and every moment. Various planetary position in a natal chart indicate the events that are to take place. Whereas, the Dasa indicates the time of fructification of such events. Analysing a horoscope is like analysing and finding tile contents of running water. It is easy to analyse tile accumulated water. Changes of events in a life is so spontaneous, continuous and frequent that only a divine soul can foresee and tell simultaneously and accurately. By keeping this idea in my mind, I have attempted this bumble book.

Astrology used to be the greatest tool to foresee tile approaching calamities of life of the individuals as well as of tile nations. But this divine Shastra has lost several of its limbs mainly due to I) natural calamities, which destroyed written down materials 2) foreign invasion - foreigners who invaded either destroyed tile texts or carried with them 3) oral tradition which led to the diminishing capacity to impart and accept the system and 4) disbelief in tile system of Astrology due to the advent of modem science.

I take pity on the persons trying to establish Astrology as a "Science". Why should we prove every tiling scientifically? I say "Astrology is a Shastra" Have we asked the so called scientists to prove their innovations or inventions through Shastra? (Though tile meaning of Shastra and Science is one and tile same with the exception that tile Science is a borrowed alien terminology and tile word "Shastra" is our own ancient origin). Shastra originated first and not tile science. It is like establishing the son as tile most intelligent and proving his father and grandfather as the unintelligent.

One should not forget that Science originated from the Shastra and NOT Shastra originated from the Science.

Karmic theory plays a vital role in the life of a human being. A human being is born after undergoing the experiences of 83.99,991 life forms (there are 84,00,000 Yonis, in other words, life forms). A human being is born and reborn for 9 times. Out of these 9 births, 4 are in tile form of man, 4 arc in the form of woman and l is in the form of eunuch or hermaphrodite. It is sometimes in the alternative order i.e. the first birth is that of a man, the second is that of a woman, the third is that of a man, tile fourth is that of a woman, hut the fifth is that of an eunuch, the sixth is that of a man. tile seventh is that of a man, tile eighth is that of a woman and tile ninth and the last is that of a man, whose soul is ultimately liberated from the body and involves in tile ULTIMATE i.e, PARAMESW ARA (the Supreme God), who is the It ARAMA TMA (the Supreme Soul). Sometimes, tile first 4 births are that of a man, tile middle, that is the 5th is that of an eunuch and tile last4 births out of the total 9 births are that of a woman. The middle birth i.e. the 5th is always of an eunuch.

There are 9 Nava Rasas (9 Tastes) of life, viz.,

1) Sringara – Love 2) Vira - Heroism

3) Bhibhatsa – Disgust 4) Raudra – Anger of Fury

5) Hasya – Mirth 6) Bhayanaka - Terror

7) Karuna – Pity 8) Adbhuta - Wonder

9) Santa* - Tranquillity or contentment 10) Vaatsalya* - Paternal fondness

Each human being has to experience all tile 9 tastes in equal proportion in every birth. These proportions are sometimes modified according to various Karmas one docs and the remedial measures performed knowingly i.e. after reading or hearing of such remedial measures or unknowingly i .e. by chance. Suppose a person has experienced certain Rasas in a greater proportion in tile past life, he is destined to experience tile same taste in lesser proportion in the present life. That is why some are poor, some are weaLU1Y, some are healthy and some are not healthy.

We do some remedial measures to counter act tile evil experiences of the present life and make tile present life more happier and comfortable. Sometimes, tile bad taste which was supposed to have been experienced at earlier periods is postponed to be experienced to tile later periods of the same birth or at tile next births.

God while creating a life form has already attached a guiding computer which is called the "fate". Each and every moment of life is guided by such computer. Since the birth of a human being is the supreme life form amongst all the life forms of the earth, the God has given the key of programming to the human being. He can modify the programme at his sweet will to a certain extent, which is further based on Karma and his intense love and devotion to God. The power of modification has been given only to the human beings and not to the other earthly life forms,

Some human beings are born as Brahmacharis. This indicate that they had too much of sexual enjoyment than warranted for or destined or programmed during the previous births. So, this taste has been taken away from them in the present life.

Self induced punishment is the greatest remedial measures to avert tile greater calamities of life. God has programmed sufferings to a human being at a particular time. God has given the choice of the nature of punishment to the human being. Nature of punishment can be chosen when the time of such punishment is known in advance. Such advance intimation is possible only through an expert astrologer. So we can very well say that an astrologer is an emissary of the God, in other words, an engineer of tile life computer deputed by the God to repair the defect of tile life computer or to reset the keys of life computer. An astrologer intimates a person of the impendent and approaching events through the Dasa system, which is "the programme of timing of the events".

There are several methods of accepting self induced punishments these kinds of punishments are usually seen in tile southern states of Inida. Since I had spent my childhood days in a pilgrimage place called" Palani" in the State of Tamil Nadu, where famous temple dedicated to Lord Karthikeya" is located, I have seen that some of tile wealthiest persons of tile South used to make" Pradakshina (going around tile temple)" by rolling down even without an upper garment. The number at times of such "Pradakshina" used to vary from individual to individual depending upon tile intensity of sufferings already known from his astrologer. Sometimes, blood used to come out of the body of such persons. But they never stopped in tile middle. You know what does it indicate? The person so performing was destined to have an accident of severe intensity and tile blood has to now out.

Another method seen was that a person inspite of having millions of ruppes, used to take to begging for a specified number of days. During this time he will eat only such food as is being offered to him by others. this is done because his chart indicates that he, though a wealthiest man at tile moment, is going to become a pauper and will beg. So by knowing such an event in advance, he voluntarily undertakes to beg even before tile destined period, Had he not undertaken such punishment he would have lost everything he has, not to be gained again.

Above are only my own views, perception and inference

God creates a man at HIS sweet will and HE swallows him at HIS sweet will. Since astrology is a divine Shastra directly given by HIM to the mankind at the time of initial creation, a good astrologer should first assesstJ1C question of longevity, If death is imminent soon for the native whose chart is under examination, what is the further role for an astrologer? Hence, tJ1C first and foremost role of an astrologer is to assess the longevity of the native whose chart is under examination.

It is usually seen that good position of the lords or the 1st and the 8th and Saturn with the aspect of Jupiter give long life to the native.

Please remember, the God is the greatest magician of all the worlds. HE is the producer, director, actor and the viewer. All the happenings in the whole universe are only for HIS own entertainment.

This is Kaliyuga, which belongs to LORD SHIVAA and GODDESS SHIVAA.

Only those who worship Lord Shiva and Shivaa will only have the right to live a trouble-free.healthy and comfortable life.

I am thankful to Mr. Narinder Sagar of Sagar Publications, New Delhi for reposing faith in me. May Lord Shiva and Goddess Shivaa give him long and prosperous life.



Position of mysterious astral bodies, which we call as planets, in a natal chart indicate what is in store for an individual. "DASA" is a system of enumerating and identifying the period of happening of various events indicated by the planets. In short, "DASA SYSTEM" means:

"Timing of the fate of human beings based on the position and condition of the planets at birth".

Normally, a person approaches an astrologer when he is in the middle of the ocean. There is no means of transport to take him to the shore. He is tired of swimming. He is drowning. He calls the God. God is also not listening to his cry as he has not followed the proper path of approaching HIM. Ultimately, when it appears to him that his end is approaching, still with the curiosity to live little more, he cries out loudly, "Is there anybody to rescue me?" God, after all testing is over, sends His representative who is none else than an astrologer, to the rescue of the drowning person.

An Astrologer is really a preceptor, a guide, a friend in need and a philosopher of the entire human race. He is next to gods and godesses, as astrology is a divine Shastra.

Usual questions which a person is likely to ask may belong to one of the following types:

1. When will I get a job?

2. Will I get success in the work I am going to undertake?

3. Will I ever get relief from the disease?

4. What disease I am suffering from?

5. Will I ever be out of the present problem? If yes, when will it be over? What are the reasons for such bad period? Why am I confronting such problems? Is there any remedy to overcome those problems?

6. When will I get married?

7. When will my daughter or son get married?

8. Will I ever get a child?

9. Can I marry a girl with whom I am in love?

10. Will my business flourish? How can I make good of the losses?

Above are only a precise list of questions which a person may ask to an astrologer. A wise astrologer should always try to understand the background of the individual. Otherwise, his predictions are likely to go wrong. Suppose a person brings the horoscope of another person and wants to know about everything of that person. Astrologer while analysing the ascendant noticed that the native has a dark complexion. The native is born in one of the European countries and belongs to white race. So, the astrologer cannot predict that the person in question has dark complexion. In that case, it is to be predicted that the native is of dark reddish colour. If the native is of African origin and belongs to Black category, it is to be predicted that the person in question has dark complexion. As a general rule, these traits can be known through the nature of the lord of the ascendant or the Nakshatra in which the ascendant falls or the Nakshatra aspecting the ascendant whichever is strong.

First duty of a wise astrologer is to find out the House related to the question a person is asking. For example, if a person asks about his employment, the astrologer should first analyse the 10th House. Thereafter when the results indicated by the 10th House is known, timing of the events can be predicted through the concerned Dasa. Like-wise, if the question pertains to the marriage, astrologer should analyse the 7th House, its lord and the planets in the 7th House etc.

There are several types of Dasas in vogue with different techniques of predictions being arrived at. Out of these innumerable Dasa systems, 30 types of Dasas as mentioned below are important, Vimshottari Dasa being at the top.

1. Vimshottari Dasa 2.Yogini Dasa

2. Kalachakra Dasa 4. Ashtottari Dasa

5. Shodasahottari Dasa 6. Panchottari Dasa

7. Sata-Samaa Dasa 8. Chatura Sheethi Dasa

9. Dwispathi Dasa 10. Shashtyabda Dasa

11. Shata-Thrimsath Dasa 12. Chara Dasa

13. Sthira Dasa 14. Kendra Dasa

15. Kaaraka-grahotha Dasa 16. Brahmagraha Dasa

17. Mundooka Dasa 18. Shoola Dasa

19. Yogardha Dasa 20. Phrag Dasa

21. Trikona Dasa 22. Rasi Dasa

23. Pancha-swara Dasa 24. Pinda Dasa

25. Amsaja Dasa 26. Naisargika Dasa

27. Astavarga Dasa 28. Sandhyaa Dasa

29. Paachaka Dasa 30. Thaara Dasa

Out of 30 types of Dasas mentioned above, "VIMSHOTT ARI DASA" is popular through out India, even though "ASHTOTT ARI DASA" is also followed in the South by few astrologers and the predictions made by them are encouraging. "YOGINI DASA" is prevalent in Punjab. Total span of Vimshottari Dasa is 120 years even though the total longevity of a human being under this system is estimated to be 120 years and 5 days. Ashtottari Dasais of 108 years and Y ogini Dasa is on6 years consisting on circles which works out to be 108 years in all and is equal to Ashtottari Dasa of the South.

It is believed that Maharshi Parasara is the inventor of "Vimshottari Dasa System". But I do not agree with this belief mainly due to the reason that had Parasara been the inventor of Vimshottari Dasa, full explaination and techniques of predicting Dasa results would have been available in some of his works. We have several of his works. None of them give full account as far as correct prediction technique is concerned. I feel that he only carried forward by writing down the system.




1 Introduction  
  Distribution 1
  Planets Under the Vimshotari Dasa system 4
  Important points to be kept in mind while prediciting Dasa results 6
  Method of Analysing each House for making predicting Dasa results 7
  Technique of Judgement of varioud Dasas and their results 8
  Hinds for analysing the results of sub-periods of varioud planets 17
  Rules for analysing the results of sub-periods 17
  General results During the sub-periods 20
  Calcutation of various periods under vimsholtari Dasa 21
  Method of calculating antara Dasa ( Sub-periods) 23
  Method of Calculating Pratyantara Dasas (Sub-sub periods) 24
  Method of Calculating sookshma Dasas (sub-sub-sub periods) 24
  Table showing duration of Maha Dasa, Antara Dasa and pratyontara Dasa of Varioud planets 26
2. Chapter1 Dasa of Sun 49
3. Chapter2 Dasa of Moon 93
4. Chapter3 Dasa of Mars 120
5. Chapter4 Dasa of Rahu 149
6. Chapter5 Dasa of Jupiter 178
7. Chapter6 Dasa of Saturn 205
8. Chapter7 Dasa of Mercury 233
9. Chapter8 Dasa of Kethu 259
10. Chapter9 Dasa of Venus 284

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