Nectarean Blooms – Daily Quotes from Sri Ramakrishna
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Nectarean Blooms – Daily Quotes from Sri Ramakrishna

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Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788178836935
Pages: 366
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Sri Ramakrishna was born in the simple village of Kamarpukur in West Bengal on 18th February, 1836. Living at Dakshineswar in the outskirts of Kolkata which was mesmerised with Western ideas, he was the consummation of millennia of Indian spiritual tradition. Beginning his spiritual practice as an ordinary temple priest, he attained dazzling spiritual realizations that astounded scholars, saints, and devotees alike. Swami Vivekananda says that Satya Yuga has begun from the day Sri Ramakrishna was born.

From boyhood, Sri Ramakrishna passionately yearned for the vision of God. Spirituality and divine communion was his hallmark. He practised several religions and realized that although apparently contradicting they actually lead to the same goal, God. And thenceforth he preached the harmony of religions. His love for mankind had no barrier of race, colour or creed and he gave his blessings to one and all who came to him without any reservation. He initiated a small group of young monastic disciples who accepted the twin-ideal of God-realization and service to humanity. After his mahasamadhi on 16th August, 1886, they carried his message throughout the world.

Sri Ramakrishna through his teachings emphasised the goal of God-realization and the need for spiritual striving-both to monks and householders. His nectarean sayings are both soothing and inspiring.

A booklet `Dinam Or Amudhamozhi' in Tamil containing the datewise compilation of selected sayings of Sri Ramakrishna culled from the tamil version of ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna' was published by our Math in 2008.

In the interest of larger section of devotees, we are bringing out an English version of that booklet with some modifications, titling it as Nectarean Blooms.

We are grateful to Smt. Latha Balasubramaniam and Sri G. Jayakumar for helping us in selecting the quotations and proofreading the text. We pray to Sri Ramakrishna to bless all those who have contributed to the preparation of this booklet.

We hope these nectarean blooms containing the spiritual instructions of Sri Ramakrishna, when read, contemplated and practised day by day, will improve the spiritual quality of readers and remove their obstacles to God-realization in this modern and materialistic world.

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