The Portrait of a Complete Woman (A Guide to Woman Personality Development)

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Author: Prof. (Dr.) Avinash Chandra
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788122300710
Pages: 304
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

It is not a fashion book, instead this book is designed for a middle class or upper middle class woman who is well educated, single or married, working or otherwise, but certainly interested in improving upon herself. For housewives, career women and models, too.

It is certain to change your lifestyle for a better happening. It can prove to be a marvellous instrument to discover a new woman in you. People expect you to play the perfect role model, a flowless performer, perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect partner and perfect career woman also. With the heightened up expectation of the society, are you ready for this super woman's role? Here is a chance for transformation, would you like to avail it?


About the Author

Being in the teaching profession for last 25 years, at one of the most reputed and oldest medical colleges and Hospitals of India, writing came naturally to him. He has taught more than three thousands medical graduates uptil now.0

His other areas of interest include psycho sexual medicine, ultimate health state (supreme/ultra health programme for busy executives), self-help personality improvement courses for men and women including special emphasis on masterly human behaviour.

He has authored several hundred articles which have found place in reputed national dailies and magazines in the country.

In recent years he has authored few very well received books for busy executives and working women which have been published by some of the most reputed publishing houses of India. Many national dailies and periodicals have published rave reviews about his work.

The best seller to his credit are:

a. Nissantan Dampati

b. Hey Busy Man: Wait a Minute

c. Relaxation: Complete & Effective

Other Books on the pipeline:

a. The Relationships: Marriage, love and sex - Problems & Suggestions

b. Images & Impressions: Techniques of Masterly Human behaviour

c. Life is Beautiful Indeed, Learn to enjoy it

His current interest goes with the motivational workshops, lectures, seminars for people from different professions on the topics of high priority areas (based on his books), as pilot faculty in the ANDE. He has conducted several inhouse courses in different Parts of India for various institutions uptil now.



The woman is probably the most beautiful creation of God. It is a great thing to be a woman. There is nothing like being a woman because it is she who always hogs the limelight, gets the attention, love and care from others.

The woman sometimes as wife, mother, sister, daughter, and, often, as a lover has many roles to play in her lifetime. The list goes on. She becomes sister-in-law, mother-in-law and grandmother as time passes on.

It is very difficult to say with certainty which is the most important role for a lady. But it is true that every role has got different expectations, different responsibilities. People expect you to play the 'perfect role model', they want from you almost a flawless performance. No compromises. Everybody around you expects from you the perfection-the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect cook, perfect bed partner, ideal colleague or a working woman earning a handsome take- home salary. And, at the top of that, you are supposed to look great, young, attractive and desirable with full feminine charms; always smiling, never to complain for anything.

Roles roll on in front of you, in quick succession, In fact, you have to play many of them simultaneously at any given point of time. This is what people expect from you. That is how the 'society' paints the "portrait of a complete woman". The word 'society' of course represents the person close to you-your father, brother, husband, colleagues, friends and relatives.

Expectations are high, and obstacles are many, problems are endless. And, surrounded by all this is poor "you". Nobody has got the time to think about you. That, what you feel about yourself, about the expectations and responsibilities placed on you. Tell me. Are you living in this world simply to fulfil everybody's expectations? Or, do you want to relate to this world as per your own thinking, interpretations and feelings, to live a life as per your wishes and choices, feel happy and contented?

In a family, it is the homemaker who is always in the commanding position, a centre-point around which rest everything revolves. It is she around whom the intricated fabrics of a happy and healthy family are woven.

It is beyond doubt that in the coming 21st century the woman will acquire' more powers, and will play an important role in both society and the nation at large. So, do not feel yourself handicapped if you are a woman; instead, you should be proud of being born so. Your time has come. It is up to you now, how well you play your cards. This is the thing which is going to decide what you can get in life-whether love, care, happiness, respect and attention; or, the taunts, criticism, brickbats and adverse comments. It all depends upon you.

This book primarily aims at making you a successful, confident and perfect woman to face this world. It attempts to mould you in the role of today's woman, the Complete Woman, who loves accomplishments and enjoys success. She is in perfect harmony with the different phases of life, and afraid of nothing what may come.



ACCORDING to one theory of the evolution of the mankind, God created HAWAA from one rib of ADAM, because Adam had complained to the God that he felt lonely at times, and he wanted some company with whom he could play, talk, share his feelings and enjoy. And, the matter of sex came later on when Hawaa had eaten that forbidden fruit (prohibited apple). Anyway, through generations, with the evolution, with the flourishing of various cultures, things have changed while passing through several millennia.

The history of human evolution, through various civilizations like Sindhu valley, Nile river and others, shows that the woman has always played a major role in the development of all these civilizations.

Going by the Hindu mythology (Puranas, Upanishads, Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and many other authentic old and recent books), one thing again stands out clearly that the woman has always played a key role in the family and society.

India has a great cultural heritage and probably the oldest and most developed than any other country of the world. The legendary Indian women like Devi Sita and Radha have played a great role in shaping the psyche of the Indian woman since ages. And, India being a religious country, they (Devi Sita and Radha) were always seen as ideals for an average Indian woman. Apart from them, the Indian history from Vedic period onwards is replete with characters like Yashoda Maa (mother of Lord Krishna), Maa Parwati (wife of Bhagwan Shiva) , Maa Laxmi (wife of Lord Vishnu) and so on, which have influenced the psyche of Indian women. In the course of time, they no more remained as human beings but acquired the status of Goddesses whom we worship today.

From the more recent history. Rani Laxmibai for her exemplary courage and patriotism, Maharani Padmini of Mewad for her beauty and high moral values of a married Indian woman. Kasturba Gandhi for her model role of true life partner of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, and Indira Gandhi for her wisdom, courage, administrative acumen and concerns for India, the way she led the country through 1971 Indo-Pak war, are among the lots who have moulded the Indian woman's psyche considerably.

And why not be original? What you don't have which these celebrities had. You have everything. You have got the brain, heart, eyes, ears, hands, feet and rest other parts like any celebrity. Maybe, the colour of your skin is not that much fair, or your eyes are not blue coloured, or your hair may not be that long to touch your knees, or you may not be as much beautiful as some of them. But does that really make a difference? So, what are you afraid of? What are you waiting for?




  Preface XI
  How to Make Best Use of This Book XIII
  Introduction XV
1 It is a Great Feeling to be a Woman 17
2 What Shapes Your Personality 21
3 Hey Young Lady: Your Time Shall Come 30
4 Confidence Building: I Can do It/I Can do It 36
5 It Is Not Easy : Meaning of Career and Success 44
6 They are Cool Like Ice 51
7 "I Am Not Beautiful" Syndrome 58
8 "Beauty is a Business" Said She 62
9 Never say it Again 69
10 Life is Like That 72
11 Naturally Beautiful 81
12 The Mystique Language of Beauty: Learn it 90
13 Body Beautiful 126
  Your Style: The Way You Carry and Conduct Yourself in the Society 148
14 Your Dress Sense 150
15 In Style, Naturally ! (Secrets of charm , grace and poise) 167
16 It's Roses all the Way When She Speaks 187
17 Your Home: Your Signature 209
18 How to Win Hands Down 216
19 How Do You Relate with Your Man? (What Does a Man Desire in a Woman?) 248
20 Final Touches on the Portrait 266

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