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Revelations Judaism Vedas Islam and Christianity (A Comparative Religious Study Between Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Vedas)

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Item Code: NAP137
Author: Rasamandala Das
Publisher: Blue Lotus
Language: English
Edition: 2015
Pages: 176
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description


The world is not wholly left to itself. It is under the carful control of an intelligent Supreme Person. To comprehend this Personality, a great effort backed with His divine grace must be applied. Man’s duty is to make this necessary effort with all sincerity. Divine grace is not bestowed mechanically, irrationally and blindly on its recipient. There is a rational, intelligible, method of receiving it. Words play a decisive part and possess spiritual potency only in ordinary social intercourse, but also in the revealed scriptures. To access them, one has to enroll as a spiritual student. Many personalities were recruited for this purpose as pupils. Their history is inextricably mixed with loyalty and disloyalty. Loyalty is account of lust, anger, greed, infatuation, vanity and malice, man’s natural loyal disposition to God is perverted.

Spiritual conditions enrich a man while mundane stipulations impoverish him. The path to spiritual conditions, as stated in the Vedic literature, is like the edge of a edge of a sharpened razor. A little inattention may at once create havoc and bloodshed. “The path of spiritual realization is very difficult; it is sharp like a razor’s edge.” [Katha Upanishad 1.3.14] while shaving his cheeks with a sharp razor, a man has to keep the razor straight without going to the left or to the right. As soon as his attention is diverted from the activity, he immediately cuts his check because he mishandles the razor. Similarly, in the Old Testament, Jehovah instructed Joshua, a successor to Moses, to not turn from the Law to the right nor to the left, “Be strong and very courageous so that you may observe and do according to all the laws, which Moses, my servant, commanded you. Turn not from it to the right hand or to the left that you may prosper wherever you go”. [Josh.1.7] Jesus Christ told his followers that the gate leads to destruction is wide and that the path that leads to God is straight and narrow. “Enter you in at the straight gate for wide is the gate and straight is the gate narrow is the way, which leads unto life, few will find it.” [Math. 7.14] in the ‘Guide us to the straightway”. [Koran 1.6] “The way of those on whom You have bestowed Your grace; not the way of those who earned Your anger.” [Koran 1.7]

The straigt path towards God is a direct course tidily arranged without the slightest disorder. As it is characterized by genuine loyalty to God, it is without evasion, deviations and compromise. The road, towards the Lord, runs straight without a break. It is free from curves and angles. If an individual swerves even slightly from this narrow and straight path, for some political schemes, his spiritual growth will be checked. If he has other objectives in mind, his religious activities will have no substance. One may have followers, popularity, power and possessions, but he will not achieve God. This path is accessible to those who are endowed with straight dealings and are equipped with a correct understanding. It is accessible only to those seers who do not pursue their own whims. Whose prayers are not another vocal assertion or false piety, based on dogmas with little truth.

What leads man away from the straight path is that he is conditioned to blindly accept any sensual ideas as the final truth. This is the subject of the first chapter. Ideas as the final truth. This is the subject of the first chapter. Man’s religious structure is all based on imitation. He covers his confusion with quotations. He has become a religious conditioned voice machine that aggressively responds by repeating words without understanding their real meaning. The religious man being attached to his provincial interests, creates great hostilities resulting in clashes with others. Religion is meant to promote unity and not animosity. Many wars have been waged in the name of religion. The so-called religion man has given God a bad name. He has become a book of knowledge without tanigle experience. The religious man tends to accept whatever is taught without questioning its validity. He is receptive even to contradictory theories. An illustrious but irrational notion that the religious man tends to accept currently is ‘the resurrection of the dead body’. How can matter once dead be restored to life thousands of years later?

In the second chapter, the issue of classification of religion is raised. The prevalent narrow-mindedness among many followers is that my religion, my holy book and my holy book and my prophet are the best and that all others are inferior and false. Christianity presents itself as bright and unique so as to eclipse Judaism. Muslims pompously claim that they are the only bonafide successors to both Christianity and Judaism. To evaluate the character of different religious systems many illustrious scholar have tried to find out which religious is the higest. In most of these classifications, the religion that should stand as true would often depend entirely on the birth-place of the classifier. However, to be spiritually enlightened is not a privilege of a specific tradition. It is available in every revelation and to any individual who has developed the urge to have deeper spiritual feelings for the Almighty. As man is religion is quite difficult. Classification of religion is based on individual feelings. While reading any revelation, specific feelings arise according to the group- namely sensual, suicidal, mystical and unalloyed devotional feelings to the Supreme Lord.


  Introduction 1
I Human Conditioning  
  Spiritual Truth is as vas as an Ocean 13
  Concord Means Order 15
  Love Means Order 17
  The Blind and the Seer 29
  Order not Caprice 21
  Blind Faith's Limitation 23
II Classification of Religion  
  Which religion is the highest? 26
  An inner dynamic transformation 30
  A gradual raise 32
  God directly spoke to Moses 34
  Jesus led by the Holy Spirit 36
  Heavenly enjoyment 42
  Real religion is directly given by God 45
III Wonder Jehovah  
  The advent of Jehovah 50
  Jehovah the Redeemer 56
  Every Act of God to Man 60
  God was so near to see God 68
  God cannot be seen by material senses 72
IV The Withdrawal of Jehovah  
  Divine Communication 76
  Joshua, a Successor to Moses 78
  The Ark of Jehovah 80
  Judges and Prophets 85
  Saul ad David 86
V A Shifting Paradigm  
  The Heavenly Host 92
  Messengers 94
  Disrespecting the Demigods 96
  Ancient Historical Records 97
  Manmade Gods 99
  Abraham Opposed Idolatry 103
VII The Age of Satan  
  Daniel's Integrity 128
  satan Tests Job 131
  Symptoms of the Age of Satan 136
  Who is to be blamed? 139
  Promoting the Growth of Believers 143
  The Great Advantage of the Age of Satan 145
VIII One religion  
  Elimination of all misconceptions 149
  Who is the Supreme? 153
  The concept of my religion 156
  The notion of one religion 159
  References 162
  Bibliography 168


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