Sadhana Sadhya (An Overview of Vedanta)
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Sadhana Sadhya (An Overview of Vedanta)

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Author: Swami Dayananda Saraswati
Publisher: Arsha Vidya Research and Publication Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789380049762
Pages: 111
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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A retreat in an ashram is different 1
Spiritual growth is to discover space within you 3
Being with yourself is a luxury 6
Sadhana and Sadhya 9
Every human being is a sadhaka, a seeker 9
Analysis of human pursuits 11
Self – consciousness leading to self – judgement is the human problem 16
Moksa is freedom from insecurity 25
Non - connection between Sadhana and Sadhya 26
The sdhana for moksa 30
Moksa is already an accomplished fact 33
The five means of knowledge 34
Vedas, the sixth means of knowledge 39
Vedanta is the means – pramana – for self – knowledge 44
The need for a guru 48
Vedanta cannot be understood without a guru 50
The teaching 54
Knowing the 'one' everything is as well known 56
Knowledge of the 'one' sustains everything 62
'Tat tvam asi' equation 65
Atma-anatma vicara – the analysis of I and not –I 68
The equation in tat and tvam 77
The sadhana for Vedanta is sravana manana nididhyasana 80
The need for adhyatma jnana – values centred on the self 82
Two possible life styles – the Gita view and way of life 83
A life of sannyasa 84
A life of karma-yoga 85
Nityam sama cittatvam – constant equanimity 87
The attitude of prasada 95
Yogah karmasu kausalam – discretion in action 99
Isvara the super therapist 104

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