Saint Vyasa’s Mahabharata

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Author: Prashant Gupta
Publisher: Dreamland Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 817301549X
Pages: 335 (Illustrated Throughout In Full Color)
Cover: Hardcover
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The Mahabharata as we know is the world’s largest epic. This simplified condensed version enables children as well grown ups to read and grasp better the story of the Mahabharata. Over 300 world class lifelike illustrations keep up the interest of the reader. The high more values explained in this epic are sure to imprint on the mind of the reader.


1The Kuru Dynasty
Background King Dusbyanta weds Shakuntala
Bharata’s birth – Bharata’s coronation
2Shantanu, the Great
King Shantanu weds Ganga- The Queen Drowns
her sever babies – King’s helplessness – Ganga
carries her eight son with her to heaven
3Devavrata Becomes Bhishma
Devavrata’s return he becomes crown prince
fisherman’s terms for satyawati marriage
Devarata’s pledge shantanu weds satyawati
4Shantanu’s Successors
Satyawati bears two sons Bhishma carries
away kashi princess saint Vyasa comes
births of Dhritarashtra pandu and Vidura
5Revival of the Kuru Dynasty
Pandu’s coronations dhritarashtra weds
Gandhari kunti obtains an incantation
pandu weds Kunti madri vidura’s wedding
6Pandu Suffers a Curse
Pandu on an outing he kills a saint couple
copulating bhima births of Kripacharya and
Dronacharya Drupada and ashwathana
king drupada insults Dronacharya
7The Pandavas and the Kauravas
The Pandavas reach Hastinapur Duryodhana
posions Bhima- Births of Kripacharya and
Dronacharya Drupada and Ashvatthama
king Drupada Insults droncharya
8Dronacharya in Hastinpur
Ball of the princess falls into a well drona
gets it out – Drona as tutor of the princess
ekalavya’s episode
9The Grand Competition
Arrangements for the competition karma’s
insult – he becomes the ruler fo angadesh
Drupada’s humiliation yudhisthira becomes
the crown prince
10The Lac palace plot
Plot to burn the pandavas alive construction
of a Lac palace digging of a tunnal pandavas
in varnavata they escape safe and sound
11The Pandavas in the forest
Hidimba’s episode bheems kills hidimha
he weds Hidimba birth of ghatotkacha
12The pandavas in Ekachakra
Pandavas live with a Brahma family
bhima kills bakasura Pandavas leave
ekachakra arjuna defeats angarparma
13Developments in panchula
King Drupada’s Yajna for a son birth
of dhrishtayumna and draupadi the
pandavas in panchala
14Arjuna wins the swayamvara
Draupadi’s swayamvara karna humilitated
arjuna victories the pandavas clash with
other suitors draupadi weds the Pandavas
15The Pandavas in hastinpur
News of Draupadi’s wedding reach the kaurava
court division of the kingdom pandavas
in hastinpur leave for khandavaprastha
16The Pandavas in Indraprastha
saint Narada’s advice to the pandavas
arjuna violets the rule goes into exile
weds ulopi birth of Irawana arjuna
weds chitrangada bahharwana born
arjuna emancipates five nymphs
17Arjuna weds Subhadra
arjuna in dwarika weds subhadra the
couple in indraprastha birth of abhimanyu
five god asks for help arjuna gets gandiva
and Krishna gest sudarchana chakru – Gifts a
shell to arjuna builds the assembly hall
18Episode of Jarasandha
Narada brings pandu’s message plan to do
imperial Yajna secret of jarasandha’s birth
19Bheem kills Jarasandha
Arjuna Bhima and Krishna in Magadha
Bhima’s duel with Jarasandha murder of
Jarasandha release of imprisoned kings
20The Imperial Yajna
Pandava’s victorious expeditions performance
of the imperial yajna Murder of shishpada
duryodhana’s jealousy draupadi mocks at him
21The Stripping Episode
the first game of dice yudhishthira loves
draupadi disgraced Krishna sarees her honor
22The Pandavas in exile
Yudhishthira gets his throne back loves the
second game the pandavas the exile
23Arjuna’s quest for divine weapons
Arjuna on mount Kailasha his meeting with
lord Indira life shiva’s invocation the lord
tests his devotion gifts him pashupatastra
24Arjuna in heaven
arjuna welcomed in heaven gods gift divine
weapons to him chitrasena imparts training
in music to Arjuna Urvashi episode
25Yudhisthira’s worry for Arjuna
Saint Lomusha indra’s message to
Yudhishthira pandavas in bodrikashrama
bhima meets Hanumana draupadi presents
divine flowers to Yudhishthira
26Bhima and the python
Arjuna’s return from heaven episode of king
Nahrusha Duryodhana mocks at the pandavas
in the forest chitrasena takes him prisoner
seeks help from the pandavas
27Duryodhana Humiliated
The pandavas effect duryodhana’s freedom
duryodhana suffers from inferiority
28Jaidratha’s misdeed
haudratha abducts draupadi duly punished
mediates and gets a boon from lord shiva
29The Yaksha Episode
The pandavas go to a pool for water become
senseless yudhishthra pleases the Yaksha with
his answers the Yaksha brings them to senses
30The Pandavas remain untraced
the Pandavas in virtanagara take up jobs
in the royal service bhima kill Kichoka
31Kauravas invade matsya kingdom
News of kichoka’s murder reach duyodhana
attack on king virata the kauravas defeat
the 13th year ends
32Abhimanyu weds Uttara
Victory celebration in viratanagara
abhimanyu and uttara married
33Sanjaya’s peace mission
efforts for peace discussed at viratanagar
sanjaya royal priest of panchula goes to
hastinapur sanjaya’s peace mission fails
34Krishna’s peace mission
shri Krishna at hastinapur peace talks
stalled again plan to rake Krishna prisoner
Shri Krishna displays his cosmic form
35Kumti visits karma
Shree Krishna briefs karma he refuses to
change sides kunti worry karna promises
not to harm his four brothers except arjuna
36Preparations for the war
Shri Krishna returns after the failure of his
mission choice of pandava commanders
bhishma agrees to command the kaurava
array duryodhana and arjuna go to Krishna
for help duryodhana takes shalya in through
a trick rules of the war framed
37The sermon of the gita
Arjuna repents to see the kaurava army shri
Krishna delivers the sermon of karma yoga
arjuna gets ready to fight Yudhishthira obtains
benedictions from bhishma and drona
38The war Begins
The Kauravas gain the upper hand on the first
day the pandavas on top the second day
Ghatokacha destroys kaurava army on the 3rd
day bhima kills eight kaurava princes on the
fourth day dronachaya fights relentlessly on
the fifth day bhima defeats duryodhana
on the sixth day abhimanyu joins the war
on the seventh day duryodhana defeated by
ghatotkacha on the eight day
39Fall of bhishma
Arjuna’s clash with bhishma shikandi
and Arjuna face bhishma on the tenth day
bhishma spares shikhandi bhishma on
bed of arrows arjuna quenches his thirst
40assassination of Abhimanyu
Drona commands the kaurava army of 11th
day efforts to captivate yudhishthira king
susharma lures Arjuna away on the 12th
day Yudhishthira nor captivated formation
of chakarvayuha on the 13th day abhimanyu
killed arjuna pledges to kill jaidratha
41Assasination of Dronacharya
Arjuna’s looks for Jaidratha on the 14th day
drona tries to protect him karna clashes
with bhima Jaidratha killed ghatotkacha
killed murder of dronacharya
42The last phase
Karna as chief of the 15th day dushasana
killed karna killed shalya killed on the 16th
day shakuni killed gandhari’s effort to
make duryodhana invincible bhima breaks
his thigh ashwatthama kills draupadi sons
on 17th night duyodhana dies bhima
defeats ashawathtama who attacks uttara
shree Krishna protects her baby in womb
43The pandavas in heaven
Yudhishthira coronated samn a yadav
prince is cursed shri Krishna passes away
dhritarashtra becomes an ascetic coronation
of parikshata pandavas leaves for heaven
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