Saints of Rayalaseema
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Saints of Rayalaseema

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Author: R. Sri Hari, M. Kumara Swamy Raju and B. Rama Raju
Publisher: Dravidian University Campus
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 190
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This collection, Saints of Rayalaseema contains life sketches of thirty saints all connected to the Rayalaseema of Andhra Pradesh in one way or other. Prof. M. Kumaraswamy Raju, the translator of this work has selected these biographical essays from a larger corpus namely Andhra Yogulu written by Prof. B. Rama Raju in Telugu. The period of these saints spreads from early sixteenth century to the later twentieth century. Some of these saints are widely known not only in their region but in the neighbouring regions as well for the role they played in spiritual awakening. It is noteworthy to state here that the cry of each one of them is a prayer to the God of his/her worship though their way of approach to God realization differs from each other.

Hailing from varied strata of society viz: rich and poor, men and women, high caste and down-trodden the heart and its emotions of these saints are much the same. The way to God is an open road. These saints had only one vision and goal. They wanted to lead a peaceful and spiritually oriented life but also make others to follow them in search of God realization. Though the biographies of these saints contain a number of legends and anecdotes woven round their personality, one cannot rationalize one and all. Some of these saints who were mystics led very extraordinary lives and their popularity reached greater heights.

Some of the sayings and psalms of these saints have attasned the status of proverbs in Telugu. These sayings are not mere verbal expressions in a language, but have come out with their inward experience and they are cries of longing love and devotion. There are instances of endeavours to understand and explain life and its destination; but never mere decorative in their aim. They are composed primarily with the purpose of leading devotees towards God realization and in their course, might have been emerged as exaggerative anecdotes. There are some saints who have taught their followers by using highly imaginative and philosophical terms. At the same time, there are some saints who have come down to the level of common man, and showed them an easy way of approach to God realization.

Saints and sages have been always _ giving importance to the listening of the glory of God through several spiritual and religious discourses. They believe that it is one of the surest ways for liberation from the mortal world. There are varied categories of spiritual seekers; some hear the glory of God and disseminate for the benefit of them; some absorb it for their own improvement of spiritual knowledge; there are some who brush aside what they listen to, and try to find out their own way of seeking liberation. Perhaps, the biographical sketches contained in this work reflect a number of such instances.

Dravidian University acknowledges with much gratitude Prof. M. Kumaraswamy Raju for his immense interest in rendering this translation for the benefit of non-Telugus. Prof. B. Rama Raju, an outstanding scholar in Telugu has always been kind towards the development of academic activities of Dravidian University. The University is highly grateful to him for his kind permission to bring out this English version under the University publications. The University thanks Mr. C. Gopinatha Reddy, Proprietor, Sree Kalanjali Graphics, Hyderabad for the neat execution of the printing work.

The purpose of this publication is fulfilled and the University shall feel highly rewarded if it awakes a wider interest in the little-known area.

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