Sathyagala: Abeethisthava
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Sathyagala: Abeethisthava

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Item Code: NAM903
Author: K. R. Krishnaswami
Publisher: A and K Prakashana
Language: Sanskrit, Tamil and Kannada Text with Transliteration and Word-to-Word Meaning English Translation
Edition: 2012
Pages: 92
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 120 gm


It is not unusual that we get to appreciate the value of our backyard-asset when someone talks about its merits. The flow of visitors to Sathyagaalam from other states and abroad has increased phenomenally in the last few years and we, the people who are close by, are realising its importance. The 'sambhandam' of this place with Vedantha Desikar's 'thiruvadi', with the added attraction of the shrines of Sri Varadaraajar and Sri Perundevi Thaayaar are a unique combination and has rendered it 'hallowed and holy'. This calls for a responsibility on the part of the managing committee of the temple to provide suitable facilities for the visiting devotees.

Sathyagaalam attracted Swami Desikan to make it his home for a number of years. Its serene surroundings, the beautiful waters of the river Cauvery just adjacent to the temple, and the indescribable beauty of the deities, Sri Varadaraajar and Sri Perundevi Thaayaar, cast a magical spell on Swami Desikan; it provided a good alternative to the Swami and his fellowmen who had left Srirangam.

Sathyaagaalam was memorable to the aachaarya in more ways than one: it was here that he gave a record number of Sri Bhaashya Kaalakshepams; it was here, according to many records by writers, that a son was born to him; it was here he also had the facility of remembering Srirangam by visiting Madhyarangam in Sivasamudram (it is actually 'Sri Vana Samudram'); it was here that Lakshmanaachaarya, who had Insulted the Swami at Srirangam, did penance by taking Swami's 'paadhateertham' to expiate his sins - in fact it is said that he was afflicted with leukaemia after insulting Swami Desikan, and he got rid of it at Sathyaagaalam; it was here that the famous incident of a tortoise racing him past to the temple took place.



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