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Saturn (Maladies and Remedies)

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Item Code: NAD418
Author: Mridula Trivedi, T. P. Trivedi
Publisher: UBS Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Sanskrit and English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788174766960
Pages: 328
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

The book “Saturn: Maladies and Remedies” is a different kind of book on astrology. Its distinction lies in its being a practical guide book rather than a theoretical treatise. Its objective is to offer treatment rather then merely pronouncing diagnosis. Many human beings who suffer from the wrath of Saturn in their lives, continue to grope in the dark, not knowing how to overcome the spell of the profoundly mysterious Saturn, dreadfully known as Shani’s Sadhe Sati or evil perioudsa of Saturn.

The above human condition can be surely improved upon by the panacea-like package of remedies offered in the book in the shape of Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra, Shani Stavraj, Shani Bajrapanjar Kavach, Mahakal Shani Mrityunjaya Stotra, Shani Sahastranaam Stotra, Shani ki Pataal Kriya, Hanumadvadavanal Strotra, Sankatmochan Hanumat Stotra, Hanuman Bahuk, Tantra prayog, Shanivar Vrat Katha, a great remedy, Pashupatastra Device, Donation for Saturn as superb remedy and Remedies through ‘Lal-Kitab’ etc.

The remedies of manby kinds including the Veidc Mantras, classical stotras anusthan along with the remedies of Saturn through ‘Lal Kitab’ are presented here in their full splendour, with minute details and specifications as to how to put the remedy to the maximum benefits without inviting any harm.

This book, brought out by the renowned duo in the field o astrology, Mrs. Mridula Trivedi and Mr. T. P. Trivedi is a culmination of their recent campaign to unravel the mysteries of Saturn through such books as ‘Saturn: The kind Maker’, ‘Secrets of Saturn’, ‘Reunderstanding Saturn’. Having dealt with both theoretical and diagnostic aspects on the wrath of Saturn, the way was paved for zeroing in the practical and remedial aspects of Saturn’s wrath, which gets manifested in several maladies.

The book is a must for a Saturn-afflicted person, who can find here a variety of remedies to choose form, according to the gravity of the malady personal aptitude and convenience.



One of the main values of astrology lies in overcoming adverse trends through what are called as remedial measures. These remedial measures are scattered in the vast literature on astrology and Mantra Shastra. Mrs. Mridula Trivedi deals with this area of knowledge with reference to Saturn in her book Shani Shaman (Saturn Maladies and Remedies) She gives details of different ways to overcome the results attributed to both transit and natal Saturn, drawing extensively from classical authorites.

The volume is a welcome addition to the literature available on remedial measures.



Astrology is both a holistic and humane science. It is to achieve these two values of holism and humaneness that the book Saturn Maladies and Remedies is being presented. We have attempted to explore and unravel the various aspect of both malefic and benefic effects of Saturn on the birth charts of natives through our books “Saturn The King Maker”, “Secrets of Saturn”, “Reunderstanding Saturn” and “Shani Shaman (in Hindi)”. In these books we focused on one planet and its list pact on human life. Although this offered an opportunity to go in depth with an eye on detail. The underlying purpose in these earlier works on Saturn was foretelling and diagnosing the impact of Saturn. But mere diagnosis is short of completeness or holism. It was, therefore, in the fitness of things as well as in the true holistic spirit of astrology that the series of books that was devoted to the diagnostic aspects finds its completion in the present book which is therapeutically in nature, elaborating on treatment and healing.

As to the humane side of the book, it may be pertinent to recall the lesson of the parable used by the Buddha in which he says that the most essential need of the person who is suffering from the excruciating pain caused by the arrow is to take out the pierced arrow and try to heal up the wound rather than knowing minutely about the size and shape of the arrow. The person afflicted by the maladies caused by Saturn can be helped in true sense only by being presented with a package of curative devices and measures that assuage the pain and injury due to Saturn.

The book is divided into 23 chapters that delineate the various kinds of misery, ailment and misfortune as maladies caused Saturn and presents a vast varieties of reliable remedies in the form of Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra, Shani Stavan, Pippladrishi krit Shani Stotra, Shani Stavraj, Shani Bajrapanjar Kavach, Mahakal Shani Mrityunjaya Stotra, Shani Kavach, Shani Sahastranam Stotra, Shani Ki Pataal Kriya, Hanumat Mantra Aradhana, Langoolastra Shatrunjaya Hanumat Stotra, Hanumadvadvanal Stotra, Sankatmochan Hanumat Stotra, Hanumat Panchratna Stotra, Hanuman Bahuk, Yantra Prayog, Amriteshwar Mantra Prayog, Shanivar Vrat Katha, Pashupatastra Device. Donation for Saturn and ‘Lal-Kitab’.

We know that astrology can predict and diagnose diseases by a thorough analysis of the horoscope and can help mankind by suggesting preventive rneasures But what happens when a man is already under the adverse influence of planets like Saturn. In this situation the influence has already set in, now what is required is no further diagnosis, but treatment, curative measures or therapeutics. A major part of Medical Astrology centers around diagnosing Karmic diseases that are direct results of our evil Karmas in the present or past birth and that are revealed by the constellation of planets in our horoscopes. But it should also suggest cure instead of confining itself to diagnosis.

Granted that the correlation between the planets and diseases is quite conclusive, what does one do when he is in the thick of the adverse influence except softening the onslaught of the wrathful planet by a heartfelt penance, soulful prayer and a host of well-tested curative devices that have done wonders.

The present book is attempted with a pious urge to complete the curative aspects of Medical Astrology on the one hand and provide to the Saturn afflicted individuals solace and confidence to be able to overcome the critical period and bring a turn-around in their life by the grace of Saturn.

We are thankful to Mr. Rohit Misra and Mr. Sadashiv Tiwari for their very energetic support in preparing the final copy and flawless, error free CRC of the manuscripts in a presentable form. Thanks are also due to Dr. Chandrashekhar Vyas for his editorial support.

We are grateful to Mr. Anshul Chawla and Mr. C.P. Sethi of UBS Publishers’ Distributors Pvt. Ltd. for bringing out the book for a vast readership, a characteristic of their publications and in a nice get up.

We are especially grateful to the vast number of non Hindi readers who, after hearing the popularity of the Hindi book Shani Shaman, had been pursuing with us to write a similar book in English also. This, we hope, will come up to their expectation and serve the purpose.

We look forward to the responses of our readers, who are the main source of our inspiration. We are confident that a’ study and practice of the curative measures will certainly make their life happy and prosperous.

Last but not the least our most sincere salutation to Lord Saturn who is the great benefactor of mankind and who has all Iong been a source of inspiration and courage for us.




1 Saturn : Myths and Facts 1-12
2 Saturn : Maladies and Remedies (Markesh Parihaar) 13-39
3 Most Effective Shani Anushthan (Complete Procedure) 41-82
4 Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra 83-94
5 Shani Ashtakstrotra 95-98
6 Pipladrishikrit Shani Stotra 99-100
7 Shanaishchara Stavan 101-103
8 Shani Stavaraj Stotra 104-106
9 Shrishani Vajrapanjar Kavach 107-109
10 Shani Kavacha 110-111
11 Shani Sahashtranam Stotra 112-130
12 Shri Shani and Shani Bharya Stotra 131-132
13 Mahakal Shani Mrityunjaya Stotra 133-144
14 Prevention of evils of Saturn by worshipping Lord Hanuman 145-152
15 Hanuman Baahuk 153-178
16 Worshipping Lord Hariuman  
16.1 Twelve lettered Hanumat Mantram 179
16.2 The Hanumat Rosary Mantra 183
16.3 The Twelve-lettered Mantra on Hanuman 184
16.4 The Twelve-lettered Hanuman Mantra Worship 186
16.5 The Eighteen-lettered Mantra of Hanuman 191
16.6 Performance of Prapanch Sarsangrahokta Hanuman Mantra 194
16.7 Mantrasarokta Hanuman Mantra 195
16.8 Vamsha Vichhedakarak Hanumat Mantra 196
16.9 Vichitra Veer Hanuman Mala Mantra 200
16.10 Shri Langulastra Shatrunjaya Hanumat Stotram 201
16.11 A small meditative worship of Shri Hanuman 207
16.12 Hanumat Mantra for Accomplishment of Ambition 208
16.13 Hanumat Mantra for Prevention of Various Obstacles 209
16.14 Hanumat Mantra to pacify evils of Malefic Planets 209
16.15 Atha Hanumad Vadvanal Stotram 210
16.16 Sankashta Mochan Hanumat Stotra 212
16.17 Sudarshan Samhitokta 1-lanumat Stotra-authored by Vibhishana 217
16.18 Fortune-making Mantra on Hanumana 220
16.19 Panchmukha Hanumat Kavacha as per Sudarshan Samhita 222
16.20 Panchamukha Hanumat Mantra 225
16.21 Stotra-Text for Pleasing the All- powerful Hanuman 227
16.22 Hanumanashtak authored by Tulsidas 228
16.23 Shri Hanumat Pancharatna Stotra by Shrimad Adyashankaracharya 229
17 Personified Shani Yantra 231-239
18 Shivopasana 240-260
19 Pashupatastra Device 261-264
20 Propitiation of Saturn 265-282
(1) Recital Story of Saturn (The story of King Vikramaditya) 269
(2) Vow Recital Story of Saturn 273
(3) Recitation of Mantras 278
(4) Other Remedial Measures 280
21 Simple Remedial Measures for Invoking and Worshipping 283-2 88
22 Narasimha Kavacha (Protecting Device) 289-291
23 Remedial Measures in Lal-Kitab 292-306
  Remedies for Saturn’s Afflictions 299
  Special features of Lal-Kitab’  
  regarding remedies 304
  Things pertaining to planets 307-308

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