Speaking of Child Care: Discover the Joy of Motherhood

Speaking of Child Care: Discover the Joy of Motherhood

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Author: Dr. Suraj Gupte
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788120735729
Pages: 295
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
Weight 370 gm
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Offers comprehensive information on safe pregnancy and childbirth
Provides basic parenting skills to help you become an ideal parent
A must for every new mum.

Motherhood is perhaps the most cherished desire of a woman. It is a wonderful feeling to hold the baby in your arms and shower all your love on him. But love alone is not enough in caring for a child. Speaking of Child Care is a comprehensive guide to pregnancy and everyday child care. It offers practical advice on all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and taking care of the newborn as well as on common problems faced by parents during their child’s preteens and adolescence. An ideal book on parenting, it will. Help you in bringing up your child as a complete human being. A must especially for every new mother, this book will also be of great value to doctors, nurses, midwives, home science students and teachers.

Dr. Suraj Gupte, a product of the prestigious Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, and currently Professor and Head, Department of Paediatrics, Nellore, AP, is a celebrated paediatrician, educationist, researcher, innovator and author of world standing. A winner of several national and international fellowships, professorships and awards, his name appears in most of the “Who’s Who” volumes globally The European Society of Professional Writers (ESPW) recently honoured him with the coveted “Medical Author of the Decade” award for his outstanding literary contribution in the field of paediatric medicine.


It was at a World Book Fair that I first came across Dr. Suraj Gupte’s book, Know Your Child (now retitled Speaking of Child Care: Discover the joy of motherhood) several years ago. Needless to say, I was highly impressed by its rich contents, simple and straightforward narration and practical rather than philosophical orientation. Nevertheless, little did I realise then that some day I would be bestowed the honour of writing a “Foreword” to this wonderful book. The overall impression the third revised, updated and enlarged edition of the Speaking of Child Care leaves on a critical reader’s mind is that a child brought up with right nutrition and the best of health care, love, freedom and discipline enters the adolescence and later adulthood with security and confidence, holding virtually all the trump cards for success in life.

Not that Dr. Gupte says that in raising children, no problems are encountered. There are, in fact, many. The book tells the parents how to prevent and tackle the problems efficiently. You will find in it all sorts of much-sought-after information, from conception to breastfeeding, love bonds, schooling to adolescence and its problems, behavioural difficulties, discipline, medical problems, adoption and the like.

A pre-eminent highlight of the third edition is some brand new chapters, especially on growth-promoting diet, height, programming, choice of paediatrician, hospitalisation, first-aid and emergencies. These are bound to add up to the usefulness and excellence of this popular book on parenting.

All in all, the book is now of yet greater utility to parents, especially in the Indian subcontinent, to steer infants, children and adolescents grow up happily, well-adjusted and optimistic about the world around.

I have great pleasure in yet more strongly recommending this third edition of Speaking of Child Care by Dr. Suraj Gupte, a reputed paediatric clinician, researcher, innovator, educationist and author, to the young parents interested in grasping the art and craft of parenting right from conception through infancy and childhood to adolescence. What is worth mentioning is that, it shall enlighten even the hierarchy in the family wanting to keep abreast with the modern child care which indeed lays the foundation for a productive adulthood, useful for the society and the nation, nay the global welfare.

I am confident it will help parents, especially in the Indian subcontinent, to assist children grow up happily, well-adjusted and optimistic about the world around.

Preface to the Third Edition

At the very outset, here’s thanking the readers and reviewers who accorded the Know Your Child (now retitled Speaking of Child Care:

Discover the joy of motherhood) a warm reception over the years. Unfortunately, the book remained out of print for quite some time for reasons beyond my control. My apologies are due for this lapse. The new edition is thoroughly revised and updated with fresh additions. Entirely new chapters are “Your Child’s Height”, “Growth promoting Diet for your Child”, “All About Programming Your Child”, “You and Your Child’s Doctor”, “About Hospitalisation”, “Useful Household First-aid Measures” and “Winding Up”. The original aim of its being a spotlight on the “total child” is maintained. Hopefully, all this will enhance the practical utility of the book and contribute to the eventual goal of providing better child care.

I also acknowledge the contribution of my wife, Shamma Bakshi Gupte, who enriched my writings in many ways, particularly through excellent counselling based on her first hand experience in bringing up our two sweet children — daughter Navy (now a doctor) and son Manu (now an engineer).

Finally, I shall continue welcoming the feedback for further enhancing the value of the book.

Preface to the First Edition

It is indeed exciting to plan a family, to wait for the arrival of the “little one” and to watch him grow, spreading his mind and abilities. Imagine the thrill it gives you as you watch him opening up, giving a smile or responding to you in his own little way.

And yet, the fact remains that during his upbringing, more often than not, you find yourself in a mess on trivial matters. How you wish someone had guided you about the right way to handle him, to feed him, what to do when he cries, how to get him protected against certain illnesses and accidents, so on and so forth. What is happening in a child’s mind and what upsets him emotionally do concern you. But, what a pity that you find yourself helpless and not able to do something that will eventually benefit the child.

This book aims at providing the answers. It explains all that is necessary to know for young parents in India and other developing countries about child rearing, right from “how it starts” to the “stormy teens” including recognition of various medical problems.

Is this book meant only for parents? No, it is for everybody having something to do with the “growing child”. Nurses, midwives, school teachers, students of home science and housecraft and general practitioners whose practice involves care of the children in particular will find it very rewarding. So, here’s wishing you a happy and rewarding reading to help your children grow up happily and well.


Preface to the Third Edition ix
Preface to the First Edition xi
1. Pregnancy by Choice: The Facts about Contraception 1
2. Wonders of Waiting for the Baby 9
3. Husband’s Role during Wife’s Confinement 19
4. Some Common Disorders during Pregnancy 22
5. Childbirth 32
6. The “Labour of Love” Is Here 39
7. Taking Care of the Newborn 47
8. More about Nappies and Clothing 54
9. The Low Birth weight Baby57
10. After-delivery Care of the Mother 61
11. Infant Feeding 66
12. Feeding Problems in Early Infancy 88
13. Introduction of Semi-solids and Solids 94
14. Infant-parent Love Bonding 100
15. Watching the Baby’s Growth and Development 107
16. Your Child’s Height115
17. Growth-promoting Diet for Your Child117
18. Vaccination (Immunisation) 120
19. Toilet Training 130
20. Care of the Teeth 137
21. The Baby Who Cries and Cries 140
22. The Working Mather and Her Problems 146
23. The Growing Child and “Fathering” 149
24. Accidents and Their Prevention153
25. Play and Toys160
26. The Gifted Child 163
27. The Difficult Child 165
28. The Handicapped Child 167
29. Schooling and Its Problems171
30. Sex Education 176
31. Discipline 178
32. Behavioural Problems 184
33. All about Programming Your Child 190
34. The Stormy Teens 193
35. Examination Fever206
36. Child Adoption 210
37. You and Your Child’s Doctor 217
38. The Sick Child: An Overview 220
39. About Hospitalisation 224
40. Certain Medical Problems 226
41. Useful Household First-aid Measures 257
42. Your Child’s Emergency Problems: Tips for Initial Home Management 260
43. Winding Up 269
Appendix A: Your Child’s Brief Biodata271
Appendix B: Record of Your Child’s “Firsts” in Developmental Milestones 272
Appendix C: Record of Your Child’s Teething 273
Appendix D: Record of Your Child’s Vaccination 274
Appendix E: A Befitting Name for Your Child 276
Appendix F: Ten Basic Rights of the Child as per the United Nations’ Declaration of 1959 279
Appendix G: Fifteen Principles of India’ Current Policy for Children 280
Websites for the Net-crazy Parents 282
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