Therapeutic Yoga (In Easy-to-Follow Colour Illustrations Based on the Teachings of Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar)

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Author: Dr. J.T. Shah
Publisher: Vakils, Ferrer and Simons Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788184620030
Pages: 128 (Color Figures: 54)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Author :

Dr. Jawahar T. Shah, M.S. (E.N.T.), F.R.C.S.E. (E.N.T.), F.A.C.S.,D.L.O. (London), D.O.R.L. is a well known practicing Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon based in Mumbai since 1962.

He is honorary E.N.T. Surgeon at Sir Hurkisondas N. Hospital since 1972 to date, and has read and published numerous scientific E.N.T. papers at national and international conferences and in medical journals. He has conducted practical training courses in E.N.T. for general practitioners and has authored the popular 'Essentials of E.N.T. Examination and Principles of treatment'.

Dr. J.T. Shah has practiced yoga since 1963. His interest in the therapeutic value of yoga deepened after his induction as a student of Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar and as a yoga teacher himself since 1985.

He has conducted a yoga worship in Cyprus at the festival of India in October 1988 at which time he published the book 'A course on Yoga'. He also conducted a yoga worshop at the Mahindra United World College at Khubavali Village next to Pune in January 1999. He has presented audio-visual lectures on 'Yoga and Medical Disorders' to national and international audiences and has published numerous articles in yoga journals.




Preface xi
General Instructions xii
Abbreviations xiv
Using the book... xv
Asanas to Benefit Various Systems xvi
Organs and Endocrine Glands xvii
Asanas that help to cure disease conditions and symptoms xviii
Tadasana 1
Vrkasana 3
Utkatasana 5
Virabhadrasana-II 7
Utthita Trikonasana 9
Uttanasana 11
Virabhadrasana-I 13
Utthira Parsvakonasana 15
Garudasana 17
Parsvottanasana 19
Virabhadrasana-III 21
Baddha Konasana 23
Virasana 25
Adho Mukha Virasana 27
Padmasana 29
Paripurna Navasana 31
Gomukhasana 33
Simhasana-II 35
Parighasana 37
Bhujapidasana 39
Bakasana 41
Supta Baddha Konasana 43
Supta Virasana 45
Makarasana 47
Pawanmuktasana 49
Anantasana 51
Salamba Sarvangasana-I 53
Adho Mukha Svanasana 55
Prasarita Padottanasana 57
Ardha Chandrasana 59
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana 61
Halasana 63
Salamba Sirsasana 65
Bhujangasana 67
Salabhasana 69
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana 71
Matsyasana 73
Ustrasana 75
Dhanurasana 77
Urdhva Dhanurasana 79
Eka Pada Rajakapotasana-I 81
Bharadvajasana-I 83
Maricyasana-I 85
Ardha Matsyendrasana-I 87
Janu Sirsasana 89
Paschimottanasana 91
Yoga Mudra 93
Ujjayi Pranayama 97
Nadi Sodhana Pranayama 99
Sanmukhi Mudra 101
Meditation 103
Index 105
Glossary 106
Further Reading 108

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