Vaginal Contraction - Ayurvedic Way

Vaginal Contraction - Ayurvedic Way

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Author: Uttam Vaidya Pammi
Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8121801400
Pages: 60
Cover: Paperback
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Natural cosmetics were kept & practiced by the Devadasis & by the prostitutes later on. With the declaim of chaste prostitution of yore and rise in illegitimate & unscrupulous sex craze, all this treasure of natural practices were lost permanantly.

Few scholars have quoted such recipes sparingly in their works. It is necessary that a monography of such available recipes be compiled for the use by the researchers and practitioners for evaluation, trials, above all for the progeny.

It is seen from the collections now made and presented, most of them are Lepams, the external applications. There are oils, douches, etc. these are worth trying. Most of the herbal drugs are astringents, known for their contracting quality.

Few drugs, create burning sensation on application viz. alkalies, goossberry, kadambari (a variety of liquour), citrak, Dry ginger, Long pepper, Salt etc. Though, prescribing such medicines, is barbarious for some researchers, it is similar to using Sitamsurasa, chandrodaya varti, Narikelanjana etc., as eye ointment to cure cataract in the early stages. However, care has to be taken while using such medicines.

I thank my son Dr. P.V.N. Surya kumar and my wife Vaidya Smt. P. Kameswari for helping me. I thank Dr. N. Venugopal, Ph. D, in guiding me to find suitable botanical equivalents for the herbal drugs.

I thank M/s. Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy for publishing this monograph with a view to bring up the hidden treasure of Ayurveda.

There may be few mistakes, in translating into English. I beg the pardon of the learned readers, to help me to correct them in the next editions.




1 Need for Vaginal Contraction
2 Dietrestrictions
3 Kamalavati
4 Mrunaladi Tailam
5 Nisadi Lepam
6 Pikaksha bija lepam
7 Triphaladi lepam
8 Triphaladi vati
9 Triphaladi lepam
10 Katutumbi lepam
11 Katutumbi lepam
12 Ikshavaku bijadi lepam
13 Vajigandhadi lepam
14 Madhiikadi lepam
15 Mocarasa picu
16 Bakulyadi picu
17 Majuphaladi guti
18 Mayaphaladi yoga
19 Bhangapicu
20 Yoni Sankocaka kwadha
21 Indrogopa lepam
22 Madan kathana lepam
23 Henna
24 PalaSadi tailam
25 Flame of the forest
26 Karavelliyoga
27 Madayantikadi prakshalanam
28 Vartaka rasadi yoga
29 Avinasta Sukti Samputalepa
30 Gosrunga gandha lepa
31 Mushika Tailam
32 Dhatakyadi Kashaya Praksalanam
33 Mudga pushpadi yoga
34 Makanda phaladi yoga
35 Makanda mula yoga
36 Kapiktccu mula kwatha
37 Madhumanassiladi lepam
38 Gosrungadi lepam
39 Lodhradi lepam
40 -do-
41 Nirguudyadi tailam
42 Bhupilyadi lepam
43 Kakapittadi lepam
44 Nagarasyadi lepam
45 Sobhanjanadi picu
46 Tried recipe
47 Akasavalyadi picu
48 Dadimadi douche
49 Pomegrante oil
50 Vishnukrantadi lepam
51 Cotton root douche
52 Acacia douche
53 Recipes from Ilajul gurba
54 Yom sankochaka arka
55 Rocksalt linament
56 Kadambari
57 Amlavetasa douche
58 Mayaphala lepam
59 Kasisadi picu
60 Cane douche
61 Hayamaradi tailam
62 Another recipe
63 Another recipe from Nirogdham
64 Recipe from Nirogdham
65 Yoga treatment Bibliography Glossary of Sanskrit term


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