Vedanta Explained - 2 Volumes (Shankaracharya's Commentary on the Brahma-sutras): A Rare Book

Vedanta Explained - 2 Volumes (Shankaracharya's Commentary on the Brahma-sutras): A Rare Book

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Author: V.H. Date
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1973
Pages: 966
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 6.0"
About the Book:

These two volumes depict a scholarly, authentic and faithful translation of the commentary of Sri Sankaracarya on the Brahma-Sutras. The author has been able to do so because, in the first place, he has kept himself very close to the meaning and spirit of the interpretation of the Sutras as done by the great Acarya, and secondly, because he could adopt the mystical view-point of Sankaracarya which subsumes and goes beyond the view-point of the earlier theistic interpreters and translators. The writer has thus been bale to show for the first time that Sankaracarya is at once a realist and an idealist, as also a theist and a mystic.

The second volume, throws a new light on the entire philosophy of Sankaracarya, and as such, on many of the knotty problems in Vedanta. The treatment of the learned scholar of how Vivartavada and Parinamavada, or the saguna and the nirguna aspects of Brahman are compatible with each other, as also how the Mayavada of Sankaracarya ekes out the deficiencies of Ajatavada and Cidvilasavada, and how steering clear of the dangers of both the views, it lands us safe in the region of works, devotion and the illuminational kind of direct, first-hand knowledge of Brahman, are worth being studied. The two volumes are comprehensive and convincing and are blessed with a foreword from the great Philosopher Saint of India, the Late Professor R.D. Ranade.

About the Author:

Vinayak Hari Date is familiar name in the modern philosophical world. He came into prominence with the publication of his Vedanta Explained 2 Vols., and the Yoga of the Saints, which elicited the eloquent commendation from the eminent philosopher-saint, Prof. R.D. Ranade that, "it is a work which will command our respect, and that it is the outcome of his own deep conviction and personal experience."

Dr. Date began his career as early as 1932 as Professor of Philosophy in the Colleges at Belgaum and Kohapur. Subsequently he came over to Rajasthan in 1947 and was associated with Universities of Jodhpur and Jaipur. During this period many brilliant students had the privilege of working under him and got their Ph.D. He retired in 1963, as a reader and head of the department of philosophy, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.


i. Prefacei
ii. Forewordvii
I. Sanskrit Sutras, Transliteration, Translation and Commentary1
II. Sutrawise Summary of Philosophical points349
III. Extracts from Upanisads and other Sources as found in Sankara's Commentary371
IV. Sutrawise index of Upanisadic references393
V. Errata401


PrefaceI - iv
Sanskrit Sutras, Transliteration, Translation and Commentary1 - 403
Important Extracts from Upanisads and other sources as found in Sankara's commentary423 - 445
New Light on the Philosophy of Sankara447 - 545
(i)Aim and Method447 - 459
(ii)Theory of Knowledge460 - 482
(iii)Maya, Avidya, and Vidya as Powers of Brahman483 - 505
(iv)Brahman, nirguna and saguna506 - 519
(v)Karma, Upasana, and Jnana520 - 532
(vi)From Theism to Mysticism533 - 545
Index of Important Topics546 - 550
Errata551 - 552

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