Veerabrahmam India's Nostradamus Saint

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Author: R.N. Pillai
Publisher: Abhinav Publication
Edition: 1991
ISBN: 8170172799
Pages: 131 (3 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

I am happy to introduce POTHULURI KALAJNANI VEERABRAHMNENDRA SWAMY GARU to the reading public. He is one of the great saints of our land, a product of our timeless spiritual heritage. Born in 1610 C.E. in Cuddapah, Andhra Pradesh, he is honoured as an eminent ser, interpreter, synthesizer, integrator and harmoniser of conflicting creeds. By virtue of the unusual psychic gifts he possessed from a young age he commanded worship of the faithful and when he grew up into manhood, became a towering spiritual giant with extra ordinary powers of peering into the future, not only of India but of the world at large as well. His world predictions furnish miraculous evidence of what a yoga-trained mind can achieve. His wonderful forecasts have been turning out to be true to an astonishing degree with each passing century.

Swamy was not like Nostradamus who, we are told, gazed into a crystal ball to make his forecasts or like Cheiro whose method was purely astrological or possibly partook of the occult sciences he studied in India; Swami was a Rajayogi who, although a householder, had honed his native intuitiveness through assiduous practice to such fineness that he acquired an unfailing perception of Reality. As a yogi he performed remarkable feats like raising men from the dead, restoring sight to the blind, calling up deities out idols in temples and foretelling events with remarkable accuracy, besides laying down moral codes and prescribing yoga practices for aspirants.

A subject of continuing discussion and debate, he has been extensively commented upon by succeeding generations of scholars and eminent men of religion. From relative rural obscurity his name has traveled far and today it is a byword in Andhra Pradesh for enlightened knowledge of the future. The impact of his teachings and world predictions is beginning to be felt in other parts of India too and it would not be surprising if he becomes internationally known very soon. After all the Yogi has said: "The world will one day honour me".

Many of his predictions stand fulfilled; others are beginning to unfold themselves in the course of years and there is a sizable quantity still left in store. As the Titans of the political world shake their firsts menacingly at each other under a nuclear shadow, we keep our fingers crossed and reach for his Kalajnana text which speaks of the coming Armageddon with a decisive finality in dimension not yet known to science.

From the Jacket

Four hundred years ago he foretold the British conquest of India, birth of Gandhi, national liberation, partition and republican form of Government in India. His predictions include invention of electricity, radio, railways and cinematography among many other things. What will happen to caste and religion in our country? When will the Ganges disappear? What will doomsday be like when it comes? Who is the yogi that will one day rule India?

Uncanny prophecies lying hidden in palm leaf texts preserved by the yogi's descendants in the ancient mutt brought to light in a daring and authentic exposition as part of the philosophy of one of the great seers of India.

True to scriptural prophecy, godmen have arrived among Indians Whenever Dharma took a back seat. In our own crassly materialistic age, Sri Satya Sai Baba has immeasurably helped in the recovery of faith even on a global scale.

Birth decay and health are inherent in all phenomena; they are the inescapable ills of conditioned existence, to overcome which the sovereign remedy was discovered by the Buddha in a moment of Supreme illumination, 2500 years ago. But short of Nirvana, there are many intervening tiers of reality, beyond the terrestrial, and numberless have been the yogis who attained to them. Veerabrahmam is one such great master whose supernormal consciousness unraveled the mysteries of Time. He left his findings recorded on palm leaves, collectively called 'Kalajnana' or knowledge of time, for the benefit of worldlings.

Currently, astounding prophecies are being made and miracles worked by Sai Baba of Puttaparthy. In 1989, He predicted the reunification of Germany, for example. His knowledge of what is in store for the world is found to lie scattered in the hundreds of books written about Him by eminent men around the world. Millions of His followers swear that He is the Yogi, alluded to by Veerabrahmam as the one destined to rule India. They hopefully await the day when Baba, at the end of a world conflagration, will bring the battered races together, give them Hs vibrant faith to live by, and usher in an age of unequalled peace and happiness. That golden age is expected to emerge by the turn of the century.

About the Autor

R.N. Pillai, Station Director, All India Radio, was a student of Travancore, Tribhuvan and Calicut Universities where he earned a master's in Political Science and LL.B Starting life as a college teacher in the 50's, he moved to broadcasting, joining AIR as a Programme Executive. A keen student of comparative religion and human rights he has wide-ranging intellectual and spiritual interests and a deep concern for human freedom and dignity. The present work, fascinating biography of a 17th century seer who left a vast record of world predictions, is a product of the research he carried out while working as Director in the area where the saint had lived. Also added at the end are chapters on the Buddhist doctrine of Karma and Vipassana Meditation.

Back of the Book

I read with pleasure and interest R.N. Pillai's lively portrait of the great seventeenth century Telugu saint Kalajnani Veerabrahmam who is reputed to have performed such miracles as making the dead come alive and forecast events which were to happen in the years to come with extraordinary precision.

One who has attained Jivanmukti is at one with the ground and source of everything in the cosmos. He can dissolve and re-form matter at will: the act which ordinary mortals see as miracles. Equally, time, which we see as linear movement, past, present, future, is beheld by the Liberated One all at once. There is no mystery in what he does when he resurrects the dead or prophesies events in the twentieth century; the mystery is in our limited minds.

I understand that this is the first account of the saint in English. Mr. Pillai is keenly alive to the demands of the job he has undertaken. His writing has the right sensitivity needed in such a work and he has used the novelist's technique occasionally to dramatise and so heighten the immediacy of some of the events. I hope the book will have a wide readership. I wish him all success.


Foreword ix
Introduction xi
Acknowledgement xiii
1.The Cowherd of Banaganappally 1
2.Yaganti and the River of Knowledge 5
3.Infant Prodigy 9
4.More Predictions and Miracles 11
5.Encounter with Nawab of Banaganappally 15
6.Swamy Moves to Kandimallaippally 19
7.Challenge and Response 23
8.Swamy Weds 25
9.Master and Disciple 27
10.Testing Times 31
11.Sidha Answers Nawab of Cuddapah 33
12.Wanderings and Laying an Ogress 35
13.Meeting with Nawab of Cuddapah 39
14.Sidha Eats Dog 43
15.Brahmins of Pushpagiri 45
16.More Predictions 47
17.Revelation Profound 55
18.Kakkayya Story 61
19.More Instruction 65
20.Home Coming 71
21.Intimations of Immortality 73
22.An interesting Interlude 75
23.The great Demise 79
24.Innocent Adventure 87
25.Rude Shock 93
26.Sidha Becomes a Master 97
27.Karma and Rebirth 99
28.Vipassana Meditation as taught by Mahatma Goenkaji 107
29.Epilogue 111
30.Index 115
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