Weight Loss: The Natural Way

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Author: Dr. Rajeshwari
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8122301029
Pages: 128 (illustrated with B & W Illus.)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Author:

Dr. Rajeshwari is an eminent social worker and is actively involved with several health activities. She was earlier involved with practicing alternative medicines, like Naturopathy, Acupressure, Yoga, Homeopathy and Magnetotherapy.

She had been successfully practicing these therapies and providing succour to several chronically ill and terminally ill patients. She holds the opinion that positive results in such cases are possible through Naturopathy and through the integration of various other therapies which do not use drugs for healing purposes. She firmly believes that good health is birthright of every human being and everyone can enjoy a perfect and disease free life by living in harmony with nature and following a simple lifestyle.

During the course of her illustrious career, she served in several Nature cure centers. She is also a guest lecturer at these centers. At present, Dr. Rajeshwari is providing health care through drug free therapies, education and rehabilitation to challenged children at Arogya Ashrayam, a Non-Governmental organization in District Triunelveli, Tamil Nadu.



Today everyone is health and fitness conscious, regardless of age and sex. Trim is ‘in’ and obese is ‘out’. Given this scenario, health clubs, slimming clinics and crach diet courses have mushroomed. But obesity does not always respond to the above, which in addition to being expensive may not suit everyone. This is because there are several causes for obesity and they differ from person to person. The main cause is faulty food habits and eating of artificial food and lack of exercise or activity. Natural treatment with proper diet as its base combined with exercise is the only method of getting rid of unwanted fat and keeping it off.

This book is aimed at those who would like to treat themselves naturally through given. An attempt has been made to cover every kind of obesity and different types of natural treatment like diet therapy, exercise and acupressure. A chapter has been devoted to tell the readers and to show how one can eat one’s way to a slim figure.

It is the aim of this book to wean people away from harmful eating patterns and foods by giving them natural and healthy substitutes.



There has been outstanding advancement in the medical field which has taken place during the last few years, in arresting and finding cures for many incurable maladies, but obesity has so far successfully eluded most of them, as has cancer. The present generation is in constant quest for a remedy for this malady. New solutions for slimming are coming up every other day, in the form of pills and potions which are also gaining entrance in many physicians’ consulting rooms. Ultra modern drugs with tall claims of weight reducing effects are being manufactured by the dozens.

Crash diets are experimented with very little effect. Stay trim devices are being manufactured and advertised in order to lure those who wish to lose weight, to go in for a trial. Health clubs that advertise fitness and weight reducing programmes are attracting young and old from all corners. Some of these programmes are not doubt effective, but they cost of too much and consume a lot of energy. Sometimes except for an overall well being, they never help reduce a single pound.

It is needless to say that most of such crash programmes do not have long lasting effect. People have a genuine fear that if and when they stop such programmes, they would once again gain weight. Such an apprehension itself could prove to be counter-productive and induce other physical disorders or a reversal to the original bloated status.

Quacks and exploiters do not lag far behind in promising heaven for making a quick buck for themselves. Gullibility being a common virtue in most people, they get lured by one or the other of these, sometimes with drastic results.

Reducing weight can be a natural activity and an enjoyable pastime for those who do not suffer from any other serious disease. They can reduce by adopting a method that suits their physical, mental and psychological needs. However, the proper weight reducing remedies are those which do not leave the individual with any bad or undesirable after effects and at the same time have a lasting effect.

For example, when a person earns wealth in a very short period or without hard work, he starts frittering it away and instead of pleasure, such wealth only gives him unavoidable anxiety. In its wake, it also brings unwanted worry, whereby he spends most of his life with the thoughts of finding ways and means to preserve it. So the wealth which he thought would bring him comfort and pleasure, becomes a burden. Whereas wealth earned by hard work and sweat, given a person lasting pleasure and peace. Knowing its worth, he will not be tempted to fritter it away but put it to proper use and whenever he takes a look at his achievements in this respect, he would get a sense of satisfaction and peace. So is the case with reducing weight by one’s hard efforts and maintaining it. It needs no emphasis that anything which is achieved in a haste can neither be lasting nor can be enjoyed.

Obese people who lead a fairly comfortable and carefree life, may detest the very idea of having to really toil for achieving a thing like a trim figure or good health. Their mistaken conception is, that if external help is available, they can achieve better results in reducing their weight without themselves doing anything much. Through such help though some modes of treatment is available, they require the actual participation and absolute cooperation of the individual during the course of treatment. This is because unless the individual realises that it is his responsibility to Jose weight, the weight reducing treatment will be a total failure.

The perspective of this book is to help persons, who wish to carry out their own programmes through treatment given in this book, in a few self-help methods for reducing weight, instead of depending on external help. Keeping in view the individual’s otherwise general health, natural weight reduction can be achieved by some alternative therapies dealt with in this book, depending on the individual’s physical requirements.

An attempt is also made in this book to remove the misconception that crash programmes can be adopted by one and all without exception. It has also been attempt to enlighten everyone as to why such programmes or crach diets are not advisable for all alike, why everyone cannot be benefited by the same programme and how a dangerous situation can arise if they are carried out without caution.

1. Obesity - Causes 11
2. Reward of Prosperity and Change of Lifestyle 14
3. Obesity in Different Age Groups 17
4. Women and Obesity 24
5. Obesity - Its Consequences 32
6. Diseases and Disabilities Obesity Can Cause 38
7. Types of Obesity 43
8. All About Weight 49
9. Treatment for Obesity 52
10. Drugless Natural Methods for Reducing Weight 54
11. Select Your Day to Fast 59
12. Kitchen Remedies for Obesity 71
13. Obesity and Exercise 75
14. Yoga Exercise 83
15. Acupuncture 91
16. Acupressure 95
17. Water Cure for Obesity 101
18. Emaciation (Thinness) 119
19. Case Studies 119
20. Obesity and Humour 124
Index 127
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