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Author: Dr. S.C.Madan
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788122311372
Pages: 150 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

Childhood Asthma and Eczema, Ovarian Cyarian, Emotional Diseases in Adults and at Menopause, Breast and Parotid Tumours, Intractable Urinary Infection Vertigo, Spondylosis, Lowbackache

This book has dealt with ailments not amenable to allopathic treatment. It has also dealt with the subject of Diseases created by Allopathic treatments are worst than the original disease.

The book is the first of its kind to deal with comparative results of allopathic and homeopathic treatment.

This is the only book which mentions homeopathic treatment for side effects of indispensable drugs used for heart ailments or other life threatening diseases.

The common diseases mentioned are children ailments like adenoids, sinus and bronchial asthma.

Women diseases like meno and postmenopausal syndrome, menstrual irregularities, autoimmune diseases (arthritis, colitis and eczema) have been prescribed.

Ovarian cysts, obesity caused by hormonal treatment for period irregularity or birth pills have been dealt with.

The interesting chapter has been written on diseases caused by allopathic and homeopathic treatment so the patients are on guard against pitfalls of treatment.

Because of comparative knowledge, both branches of medicine have been applied to its best advantage.

Depression, stress and anxiety have been dealt at length.


About the Author

Dr. S.C. Madan holds MBBS from Amritsar, Punjab University and FRCS in ENT from UK. It was not too long after getting his FRCS that he became consultant in this speciality in England and then Head of ENT department in Norway. During his tenure as Consultant, spanning almost three decades in west, he taught the post-graduate students and carried out major surgeries in his specialty. In eighties, he got disenchanted with the results of allopathy in some diseases. He proceeded to USA to get his membership in Homeopathy. After having his extensive knowledge in Allopathy and Homeopathy, he applied both systems of medicines depending upon the disease, condition, and economical status of the patients. His sole aim while treating a patient is that treatment should CURE, be SAFE and ECONOMICAL; should be without SIDE-EFFECTS. With more than twenty years of experience in both the branches, he has written this book. “Welcome Homeopathy” is the third book of the author His first book is 'Homeopathy Cures' Where Allopathy Fails', which was also published by Pustak Mahal.



At the outset, let me thank all of you for the wonderful support you have lent me every time. I am overwhelmed at the response I got from all of you, not only from remote corners of India, but also from countries like U.S.A., Middle East and'Canada, Needless to say, if it had not been for all of your repeated requests and pleas to dwell into more types of illnesses cured by homeopathy, I would probably have not yet got the impetus to proceed with the making of this new book "Welcome Homeopathy".

I am repeatedly faced with the queries as to my choice of homeopathy, in spite of being an allopath (ENT surgeon) by profession. My reply is echoed in the following article in which Dr E. Henry Smalpage- a renowned surgeon has written about his 'conversion' to this field of medicine. Coincidently, I happened to read this and it would be injustice on my part not to share it with all of you:

Maybe, I am the only fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, who, after the most intensive training in surgery, has deserted not only surgery but also all forms of allopathy, to enter the realm of homeopathy. And clearly, after the experiences of such practice, with no small reputation for surgical skill, I must have had very strong reasons for casting all these aside to enter, like a new student, into a field in which I was then a complete ignoramus but also, like most allopaths, one who openly condemned homeopathy as absurd and even worse.

If any man ever had to eat his own condemning words, I did. But the results have been in many instances very satisfying, if not for the pocket and allopathic friendships, at least for the mind and spirit.

As everyone can realise, it needed what seemed to me to be a miracle to convert a highly successful surgeon - if success can be measured in money and public applause - into a renegade - a homeopath.

A boy of eleven years of age was brought by ambulance from his home many miles away from my city consulting rooms. He had been in and out of many allopathic hospitals, under the care of many allopathic physicians, famed and not so famed, for over seven years, for a condition of the spinal nerve centers, which brought about often repeated convulsions of the body and lower limbs. Nothing all the allopaths could do had ever produced any beneficial results, so the possibility that I could do any better by similar methods was remote. As the ambulance men lifted the child from the stretcher to place him upon my examination couch, he went into a condition of clonic spasms with his back drawn into a state of opisthotonos - that is, drawn back until the back of his head was closely approximate to the back of his legs - a condition which is characteristic of acute strychnine poisoning. But this condition had recurred many hundreds of times over the preceding seven years.

Obviously as an allopath, I had no possible remedy. But Homeopathy did have the remedy - Tine. Nucis Vomicae - homeopathically potentised, and I happened by chance to have the 30th potency of this drug. Its use was dramatic. Within a few minutes, the terrible spasms, which I was told usually, went on for as lonq as thirty minutes, completely disappeared, but miraculously still, with repetition of the same therapy three times daily for one month, there were no spasms, and the boy - now twenty years older - has made and retained a complete recovery.

Then, as the Directing Fates ordained, a few days after seeing this first seeming homeopathic miracle - where allopathy for several long years had proved its complete futility - I had a very well known citizen of Sydney with an excruciating painful right orchitis due to violent contact of that part of his anatomy with the sharp edge of his open motorcar door. I have never had such an experience personally, and never want what the man went through, until homeopathic Pulsatilla 6x - one dose daily - after two futile morphine injections by an Allopath - completely changed the whole painful picture by completely removing all the pain and within one hour, the man, previously confined to his bed in agony, left for his business office in the city with the simple instructions to repeat the Pulsatilla every three hours, which he did for the rest of that day - three doses only - and that was all. Two days later, he rang me up to say that his condition had almost returned back to normal.

That was good. But I was still a sceptical allopath. Then a veritable lifesaving miracle almost completely shattered any of my remaining doubts. A man, 65 years of age, was brought to my consulting rooms - as I had ceased to visit patients' homes - with a high temperature, a running toxic pulse, and an obviously highly inflamed appendix, but also with a cardiac condition which made surgical intervention seemingly deadly. I gave that man, more through desperation than faith, the homeopathic Belladona 6. I repeated it three times at quarter hour intervals. Then, being pressed by other patients who were waiting, I sent him home with instructions to repeat the Belladona therapy and ring me during the late afternoon. I received two telephone calls - one to say the patient was greatly improved - the other by his local doctor to abuse me for losing him a surgical operation and its fee.

The next case I consider a veritable life saving miracle. And I can say without any fear of reasonable contradiction that a fine young man now twenty years of age and soon to graduate as an allopathic doctor, the only one to enter medical profession in Australia, would never have passed through his first few days of his life without homeopathy and the so-called coincidence that I was in the maternity hospital where he was born and in which death for him seemed then inevitable and only a matter of hours.

Two hours after he was born - without drug or artificial mechanical meddling - he had a rectal temperature of 106 degrees, and was burning hot with an intense dry heat, and for two hours all the efforts of his skilled allopathic obstetric surgeon and nursing sister to save him had proved futile.

The dry burning heat, the fast approaching mortality and the fact that the little victim sipped a little water only, from a spoon, then turned its head slowly away and then back to sip again, left no doubt in my mind that if homeopathy was to win a victory over impending death, potentised Arsenicum Alb. was the indicate lifesaver. Arsenicum Alb. 6x - a few drops well diluted in water - was given in a few drops, every few minutes. In fifteen minutes from the first dose, the rectal temperature was normal, and the otherwise doomed child made a complete recovery - strangely enough - saved from death by homeopathy when allopathy had proved futile - to spend six years of his later life filling his mind with futile allopathy so that when graduated as a medical man he could cast aside and forget what he had been taught by his allopathic teachers to embrace the Art of Homeopathy to which alone he owed his salvation from near death.

These were my introduction to Homeopathy - enough, most people will agree, to drive me into seeking to know more of this allopathically condemned « Nonsense» or « Quackery ».

Twenty years have now passed, and with them my extensive consulting surgical practice has died it just death.

The four emergency cases presented prove the marvel of homeopathic cures

Coming back to this book, this 4th edition is on the same pattern as the 3rd edition of this book but it differs a lot from the 3rd edition in that it deals with completely different diseases from those mentioned in the previous edition.

This new edition deals with more complicated cases where allopathic treatment has failed and side-effects of allopathic treatment are worse than the disease for which allopathic treatment had been given.

I have dealt with common diseases which are in epidemic proportions as follows:

Thyroid, polycystic ovaries, menstrual irregularities, autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, thyroid diseases, multiple sclerosis

The intractable diseases like multiple sclerosis where allopathy has hardly anything to offer.

Tumours like lipoma, fibroplipoma where allopathy is almost always a failure, have been successfully treated with homeopathy.

Cosmetic ailments like, small breasts, pendulous breasts, facial hair in women has been treated- provided not already spoilt by hormones and laser treatment. Pigmentation of facial skin, chloasma has been treated - as given under Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Homeopathy)

Recurrent urinary infection in women, vulvovaginitis responded beautifully to homeopathy.

I have not failed to mention the successful antidotes to the side-effects caused by the necessary post-anqioplasty/post cardiac surgery medications as well as also the anti-tubercular medicines.

Arthritis -where methotrexate and steroids and NSAID preparations have played havoc.

Emotional diseases like teenagers depression, anxiety, anger, hyper-irritability, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), religious insanity in women especially at menopause-leading to separation and divorce.

Gym exercises and computer related illnesses have been dealt with.

Gastritis and gastric reflux where H. pylori kit has caused side-effects.

Spinal diseases like low backache with partial paralysis of lower limbs, Cervical spondylosis have been treated with homeopathy.

Deafness and meniere's (vertigo, noises and deafness) where all allopathies across the globe have failed, homeopathy with expertise have given excellent results.

Nasobronchial allergy and Bronchial Asthma, pollen and dust allergy and also eye diseases like chalazion, retinal diseases, post cataract ailments have been dealt with.

Finally, I would like to make some acknowledgements from my side.

I am highly indebted to Dr Sridharan, Medical Director, Holy Family Hospital, Delhi- a renowned cardiologist and physician, who constantly encouraged me during writing this book- for the bears no prejudice to other branches of Pathy (Homeo, AlIo, Natural) as long as the treatment is safe and with good results.

I am extremely obliged to Dr. Kulbhushan Bharadwaj- equally distinguished homeopathic physician who, apart from his specialty of Homeopathy having extensive knowledge of other branches like Naturopathy and Ayurvedic, has spared his precious time to give healthy criticism in this book.

Challenging cases brought by Dr Ashok Sharma of Mathura, having in-depth knowledge of all the branches of medicine (Homeo, Ayurvedic and Unani) have widened my experiences in dealing with complicated cases.

I am much obliged to my nephews -Vicky Tendon and Manish Grover who taught me the art of simplifying the computer writing of my book. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Leena Mendiratta- microbiologist of Apollo Hospital, Delhi, for making the necessary corrections of my book.

I can never forget my obligation to Mr. A. P. Gulati, Under- Secretary Govt. of India (retd.) who initiates me and acts as a guide to me, in homeopathy.

I sincerely express a deep sense of gratitude to the publishers of the book for their cooperation and hard work.


Foreword I

It gives me great pleasure to write a foreword for this book by Dr. S. C. Madan.

Just as in foods they say, 'One man's meat is another man's poison', in Medicine too what seems to work for one person does not necessarily work for the other.

Unfortunately in allopathy while we recognise this different responses by patients, our treatment regimes are more disease orientated rather than person orientated. Homeopathy is one science that pays a lot of attention to the individual patient and treatments are fine-tuned to his/her needs and therefore while diseases may be the same, the treatments may not always be the same.

Dr. Madan has utilised his allopathic training to fine-tune, his mind to make the right diagnosis and then decide which system of medicine he thinks would work best for a patient and then offer the same. With the passing years, his experience seems to reflect that homeopathy has a lot to offer and with measure of success he has achieved, he feels that if practised well this could offer succour to many more people.

It is with this intention Dr. Madan has written this book and the hope is that people will take more responsibility over their own health, pay attention to initial symptoms which could be relieved by the medicines that the book is suggesting and thus prevent major catastrophes in the future. However, do keep in mind that these are guidelines and general rules and one should never hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Madan, if the response is not as expected or wherever there are any doubts.

Dr. Madan's selflessness and his dedication are to be admired and I am sure that his efforts to dissipate his knowledge and experience will go a long way in helping patients who always need the right guidance.

I wish him well and wish the book great success.


Foreword II

It gives me immense pleasure to write the foreword second time to Dr.S.C.Madan's second book-Welcome Homeopathy The first book 'Homeopathy Cures Where Allopathy Fails' has been a thumping success. Dr. Madan has received appreciation for the same from far and wide, personally and telephonically. Many, people have been since consulting him for their problems of the soul and finding great relief. The main reason for that, he being an Allopath basically, has been applying his knowledge of Allopathy making him little distinct from others. I have seen Dr. Sub hash Madan using Homoeopathic remedies pre and post surgery as an adjunct therapy because he believes that the use of Allopathic medicines which have their side effects are minimised and is able to achieve good results.

According to the principle of homeopathy, every case needs individualisation, and therefore the services of the physician cannot be ruled out. However, with regular practice and experience in contact with majority of the cases, the near specifics are always categorised. What makes Dr Madan's approach different is his experience based on his earlier success of unique combinations and diagnosis of patients based on etiopathology- the core of allopathy.

In this volume, many chapters have been added by him which would be of interest to the lay-professional and lovers of Homeopathic science. Much hard work has been done on them and the application of Homeopathy has given Dr. Madan complete success in these new areas. This book has special chapters on Mental diseases, Plastic medicine, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Thyroid, and Polycystic ovaries.

Dr. Subhash Madan and I share a close professional relationship so we share our clinical experiences with each other and on that basis I can say that the remedies and treatments mentioned in this book for various diseases are almost time-tested. I wish this book a great success and interesting reading for all the lovers of Homeopathy.




1 Skin diseases 19-29
  Acne 19
  Skin allergy (Severe eczema) 21
  Crusta lactea (Seborrhoea of scalp in children) 22
  Freckles (Lentigo) 23
  Urticaria 24
  Hair fall (Alopecia) 25
  Bedsores 28
  Itching 28
2 Dental diseases and diseases caused by Dentists (Unintentionally) 30-36
  Dentistry 1 30
  Dentistry 2 32
  Dentistry 3 34
  Dentistry 4 35
3 Respiratory diseases 37-39
  Allergic rhinitis 37
4 Ear, nose and throat 40-49
  Mouth ulcers (Stomatitis) 40
  Glu ears (Middle ear effusion) 42
  Chronic middle ear disease (Chronic otitis media) 43
  Hoarseness of voice 44
  Inner ear (Meniere's disease) 48
5 Gastrointestinal 50-55
  Gastritis (Acidity) 50
  Ulcerative colitis (Irritable bowel syndrome) 51
  Piles (Anal fissure, anal fistula) 53
  Pancreatitis 54
6 Locomotor diseases 56-63
  Cervical Spondylosis 56
  Musculo-skeletal disorders 57
  Low backache (Lumbago) 59
  Arthritis 59
  Rheumatoid arthritis 59
  Osteoarthritis 60
7 Tumours 64-67
  Model cure 64
  Lipomas, fibrolipomas 64
  Lymphangioma 65
  Cysts, bumps and lumps 66
8 GynaecoJogicaJ diseases 68-75
  Vaginitis and leucorrhoea 68
  Regarding recurrent cystitis 69
  Polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS 69
  Menstrual problems 71
  Amenorrhoe 71
  Premenstrual tension syndrome 73
  Menopause hysterectomy and ovariectomy 74
9 Kidney and urinary passage diseases 76-78
  Urinary stricture of urethra 76
  Intractable UTI 77
10 Neurological diseases 79-84
  Multiple sclerosis 79
  HINI - Influenza vaccine 81
  Autism, Down's syndrome and Cerebral palsy 82
11 Emotional diseases 85-94
  Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) 87
  Mental Illnesses 89
  Homeopathic treatment of mental illnesses in teenagers 91
12 Eye 95-103
  Detachment of retina and retina pigmentosa 95
  Chalazion 96
  Conjunctivitis 97
  Diseases of eyes 98
  Retinal detachment and retinal haemorrhage 99
  Dry eyes 99
  Retinitis pigmentosa, thrombosis, deneration 100
  Hypersensitive and diabetic retinopathy 100
  Diplopia (Double vision) 100
  Substitute to postoperative allopathic drugs after eye surgery 101
  Author's regime of pre and post operative homeo-remedies in eye operations 102
  Optic nerve atrophy 102
  Glaucoma and optic nerve atrophy 102
13 Injuries (Model cure) 104-106
  Ankle 104
  Eye injury 105
14 Auto-Immune diseases 107-110
15 Cosmetic 111-113
16 Women Diseases 114-117
  Obesity, thyroid dysfunction at menopause 114
  Frigidity in women: Impotency in men 117
17 MiscellaneousDiseases 118-133
  Parotid gland fistula with calculus 118
  Homeopathy in coronary artery disease 119
  Homeo-remedies for old age diseases 123
  Adverse effects of anti-tubercular regime 124
  Diseases caused by commonly used allopathic drugs 124
  Diseases caused by allopaths through unnecessary phobias about heart and cancer 127
  Diseases caused by homeopaths and homeopathic remedies 128
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