Yoga for All (Yog Unites Us With Family, Society and Country. Yog is an Ideal Path of Life)

Yoga for All (Yog Unites Us With Family, Society and Country. Yog is an Ideal Path of Life)

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Author: Rameshwar Dass Gupta, Translated by Smt. Pushp Renu Srivastava
Publisher: Richa Prakashan
Edition: 2004
Pages: 72 (Black & While Figure Illus: 53)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.3"
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'Yoga For All': This book has been written, keeping in mind the ten-twelve year olds and their guardians. Yog is really a spiritual and righteous way of life. Children have to be initiated into Yog from a very young age by their parents, teachers and learned men. The foundation of yog, on which the super-structure of life is to be built, is based on 'Yam' and 'Niyam'.


Yog has eight components namely 'Yam' 'Niyam', 'Asan', 'Pranayam', 'Dharana', 'Dhyan' and 'Samadhi'. Out of these eight 'Asan' is, undoubtedly, the most important. Asan is the tangible form of Yog. But if you start straightaway with the 'Asans' without bothering about 'Yam' and 'Niyam' of Yog, it will be like constructing a tall two or three storeyed house without a strong foundation. Such a building is bound to collapse. In the same manner, 'Asans' done without paying attention to 'Yam' and 'Niyam' will become a fruitless exercise.

In this book short story based on the five 'Yams' namely 'Alimsa (Non-violence)', Satya (Truth)', 'Asteya (Non-covetous-ness)', 'Brahmacharya (Self-control)', 'Aparigrah Non-possession of excessive material wealth)' and the five Niyams namely 'Shauch (internal cleansing)', 'Santosh (contentment)' 'Tapa (self-discipline)', 'Swadhyaya (self education)', 'Ishwar Pranidhan (thinking of God)' have been written and compiled. Some easy 'Asans', 'Pranayam (breath control)' and 'Dhyan (meditation)' have also been written about, so that young children can imbibe morality and grow up to be ideal citizens of the country and serve society and the nation.

The N. C. E. R. T. has prepared a Syllabus for the teaching of Yog to students from Classes one to five. This book has been written in accordance with that. I am confident that this book would help children to take interest in our cultural heritage and encourage them to practise Yog.

I am grateful to Sri Vedprakash Shastri, Sri G. L. Anand and Dr. Vedvati Vaidik who have helped me in the writing of this book.

S. No. Name of the Story Subject Page
1 The Swan's Verdict Non-Violence 12
2 Harishchandra-the Truthful Truthfulness 14
3 Punishment of Stealing Non-Stealing 17
4 Bhishma, the Celibate Celibacy 20
5 Hoarding Can Never Give Happiness Aparigrah 23
6 Cleanliness Shauch 25
7 Why Meena Was Unwelcome Shauch 27
8 Manki Contrentment 29
9 What is Tapa? Tapa 32
10 From a Hunter to a Sage Self-study 34
11 How to Study? Asan 37
12 A Reply to Abuse Aparigrah 40
13 Everything Belongs to the Lord Dedication to God 42
14 TwoMerchants Truth 44
15 Holidays Self-study 47
16 A Quarrel Control over the Senses 49
17 Yogasan for Health Yogasan 53
18 Breath Control Introduction Pranayam 60
19 The Sage Who Kept Quiet Advantage of Silence 62
20 Seema's Problem Control of Thoughts 64
21 Yog and Music Importance of Music 66
22 What is Yog? Study of Shlokas 68
23 Laugh and Be Merry Benefit of Laughing 69
24 Parts of the Body Function of Body Parts 70
25 Prayers Songs 72


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