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Author: Krishan Kumar Suman, Yogacharya Chef Editor of Yoga Manjari and Dr. V. K. Ahluwalia
Publisher: Lotus Press
Edition: 2024
ISBN: 8183820336
Pages: 250 (Illustrated with Black & White Figure)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.3" X 5.3
Weight 330 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

'Yoga Therapy' is wonderful hand book, indispensable for those who wish to know about 'Yoga Therapy' to help the humanity and to get dynamic health for one-self. This book is based on the system of Hathayoga and Astangyoga-science and mental perfection.

Yoga is popular world wide for its curative properties. It helps to purity and control one mind and body. Through Yoga Therapy, one can achieve good health, happiness and peace of mind without any side effects. This book provides yogic cures for as many as 67 common acute diseases, in the process presenting yogic hygiene, diet, fasting, techniques of asanas and Pranayama, mudras, yoganidra and use of swara, mantra etc. for curative purpose. This book also provides Ayurvedic remedies for 40 common diseases, an additional advantage. One may call it a COMPLETE book of Yogic Therapy, and the whole family can benefit by it.

About the Author

Krishan Kumar Suman got yogic secrets in hi8s student life. He has been a State Awardee lecturer in Directorate of Education, Delhi. General books on yogic asanas and breathing Pranayama practices are many, but few on the subject of how to cure one's diseases with the help of yoga exercises. Here is a rare book by one who is an expert yoga practitioner, teacher and writer, with a half century of experience. He has been in contact with masters like Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Anandamayi Maan, Acharya Abhay Dev of Gurukul Kangri, Sri Ram Acharya of Haridwar, Swami Bhaskaranand, Sri C. B. Darjeeling, etc. he has been well versed in the various streams of yoga and benefited by them. He has edited the well-known magazine Yoga Manjari and been advisor to various yoga institutions of repute. Also he has got many awards like 'Yogacharya', and 'Ayurveda Ratan' by his works.

Dr. V. K. Ahluwalia has worked as Professor of Chemistry for more than 25 years at the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi and has published large number of research papers. He specializes in investigations of natural products and their synthesis. At present he is visiting Professor at the B. R. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi.

Now-a-days informative books on Yoga Therapy are not easily available in the market.

This book is written on the demand of people who have keen interest in yoga. Basic principles and Yogic techniques are described in detail and every asana is explained with illustrations.

Definition of disease, causes of disease, yogic methods of treatment of the diseases are enlisted. Symptoms of a healthy person are given in the second chapter.

Yoga hygiene is necessary for curing and it plays an important role in yogic Kriyas and yoga therapy. Without purification diseases cannot be removed. Neti, Dhauti, Basti, Nauli, Kunjal, Kapalbhati, Shankh Prakshalan, ushapaan, and Ganesh Kriya are clearly explained.

Diet is the basic element to be healthy. Diet chart is given for common diseases. General rule for food are also explained Juices for diseases and fasting are explained.

Yama-Niyama, curative values of Yogasanas for 67 diseases, methods of Pranayama, Bandhas, Meditation and massage are given in brief. Swara Yoga, Yogic relaxation, deep relaxation techniques as yoganidra, which is a wonderful technique for rest, blood pressure sleeplessness and curing the chronic diseases. Body, mind and spiritual relaxation is necessary for a sadhaka.

Pragya Yoga is the Gayatri mantra and yogasana technique. 16 poses are included in each word of mantra. It is a new technique, which is very simple and useful. 30 mudras and some mantras are helpful to remove the diseases. I have included those mantras in the book 'Visualisation of positive affirmation' is for 15 diseases with the help of will power. It is self hypnotism technique. Our subconscious mind is effected by these words which are full of faith and will power.

Hasya Yoga now a days is being used in big hospitals and open parks to remove the tension. We have forgotten smiling and laughing. This practice will help to remove physical and mental tensions.

40 diseases, causes, symptoms and remedy are explained. Common diseases are selected for this book.

The language of this book is simple so that everyone can understand. More than 115 illustrations will help in understanding the subject. I think this book will prove helpful for everybody. Though it is recommended that all the yogic techniques should be learnt by a yogacharya or a trained person.

1Yoga therapy01-10
What is Yoga Therapy1
Why Yoga Therapy2
Basic Principles of Yoga Therapy3
Different opinions of Yoga Therapist7
Yogic Techniques7
2Diseases and Causes11-12
What is a disease11
Causes of diseases11
Yogic Methods of Curing the Diseases12
A Healthy Person12
3Yoga Hygiene13-29
Role of Kriyas in Yoga14
a.Physical Efficiency14
b.Purification of the body14
c.Removal of Disease15
e.Spiritual and Moral Elevation15
Yogic Hygiene at a Glance15
Purification Techniques18
1Trataka and its Benefits18
6Kapal Bhati and its Benefits24
7Shankh Prakshalan25
Special Hints27
Benefits of Shankh Prakshalan28
Ushapaan and its Benefits28
Ganesh Kriya and its Benefits29
4Yoga Diet30-37
Diet Chart31
For Chronic Diseases31
For Common Diseases31
For Healthy and Yogabhyasi Persons31
General Rules for Food32
Juices / Juices for Diseases34
Suggestions about Fruit Juice35
Fasting and its benefits36
6Curative Value of Yogasanas40-47
7Methods of Pranayama48-51
8How to Meditate52-53
10Yogic Relaxation57-65
Physical Relaxation58
Mind Relaxation60
Spiritual Relaxation62
Sound Sleep63
11Cure the Diseases through Swara Yoga66-67
12Health Through Pragya Yoga68-72
13Treatment by Mudras73-94
What is a Mudra ?73
Importance of Mudras74
Kinds of Mudras74
Healing Mudras75
Guide Lines for Practice75
I.Tattva Mudras76
1.Vayu Mudra76
2.Akash Mudra77
3.Shunya Mudra78
4.Surya Mudra78
5.Prithivi Mudra79
6.Varun Mudra80
7.Jalodharanashini Mudra80
II.Pranic Mudra81
8.Prana Mudra81
9.Apan Mudra82
10.Apanvayu Mudra83
11.Udan Mudra84
12.Saman Mudra84
13.Vyan Mudra84
III.Other Mudras85
14.Gyan Mudra85
15.Dhyan Mudra85
16.Linga Mudra85
17.Mrigi Mudra86
18.Shankh Mudra87
19.Sahaj Shankh Mudra 88
20.Pankaj Mudra88
21.Ankush Mudra89
22.Surabhi Mudra90
23.Brahamanjali Mudra91
24.Shakti Mudra92
25.Agni Mudra92
26.Paan Mudra93
27.Agni-Shakti Mudra93
28.Shakti-Paan Mudra93
29.Pushpanjali Mudra94
30.Yoni Shunya Mudra94
14.Mantra Yoga for Healing95-105
Importance of mantra95
Kinds of Japa96
4.Ajapa Japa96
Kinds of mantras97
Some important mantras97
Different methods of Japa98
Healing mantras98
Dosha mantras of Ayurveda100
Gayatri mantra101
Word meanings101
Maha mritunjaya mantra102
Brief explanation102
How to Practice104
15.Visualization of Positive Affirmations106-109
3.Emotional detachment106
4.Creative visualisation106
5.Elimination of Stress106
6.Health and Healing106
7.Pain Removal106
8.Inner Peace106
9.Weight Loss107
10.Removal of Addiction107
11.Brain Power107
13.Guilt Release107
14.Forgive and Forget107
15.Worry and Fear107
16.Hasya yoga110-115
Usefulness of Hasya Yoga110
Control of High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease110
Reduce Asthma Attack111
Generates natural pain killer111
Strengthens the Immune System111
Massages Internal Organs111
Provide Excellent Exercise for Facial Muscles111
Improve Stamina112
Improves Inter-personal Relationship112
Inoculates Senses of Well-being 112
It is a Bonanza for Students 112
17Know your body 116-127
1.The Circulatory System 115
2.The Skeletal System 116
3.The Glandular System 117
4.The Digestive System 118
5.The Urinary System119
6.The Muscular System 120
7.The Respiratory system 121
8.Vital Force Circle 122
9. The Organs of Taste and Smell123
10.The Brain 124
11.The Spine 125
12.Location of Doshas 126
18Diseases and their remedy 128-236
Name of the Disease Name of the Disease
Acidity Insomnia
Allergy Kidney stone
Appendicitis Leucoderma
Asthma Lumbago
Anaemia Leucorrhoea
Arthritis Menstrual disorder
Constipation Menopause
Cervical Spondylitis Mental health
Common cough & cold Obesity
Diabetes Ophthalmic disease
Dyspepsia Old age problems
Diarrhoea Peptic ulcer
Eczema Piles
Epilepsy Polio
Gas troubles Premature graying hair
Hysteria Psoriasis
Hypertension Sciatica
Heart Disease Stress
Headache Tonsilitis
Hernia Varicose veins
19.Precaution is better than cure 237-238
20. Domestic Herbal Treatment 239-243
Acidity, acne, anemia, arthritis, asthma, bed breath bleeding gums, blood-pressure, cough, constipation diabetes, gas, headache, menstrual, piles
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