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Your Children and Your Karmas

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Author: Shri K.N. Rao
Publisher: Vani Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 8189221870
Pages: 280
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Sooner or later, as a married person with children doing well in life or suffering, rising to dizzy heights in these days of rat race or a chance fall into the quotidian--unredeemable ordinary life, all is the result of the karmas of past lives of both the parents and the children, is what you must realize.

The life we live leads us into salvation or damnation both, when we live and breathe and after we die when we, caught in the cycle of births and rebirths, are born again to suffer and enjoy the karmas of our lives or get out of this cycle because of a spiritual life led beautifully.

The fifth house is the house of poorva punya (deeds of past lives) and also children. These two, intertwined, cause so much happiness or agony or a mixture of both, all our lives. This truth is forgotten with God absconding from the lives of many, with the disappearance of the external metaphysical authority. This book then is not for those who find heart replaced by psyche and karmas or past lives by psyche, unconscious and subconscious drives.

We do not live in a chancy of world gradual evolution with the final end as death. We live, as the great Hindu scriptures explain, in a world when Karmas of our many lives keep pursuing us just as a calf recognizes its mother cow even in a herd.

This divine scheme has to be understood and the theory of reincarnation must be accepted without question as the only logical explanation of life with its myriad mysteries.

A valuable spiritual life, not life as is being understood as one of sex and cruelty and success, is the lesson a conscientious astrologer learns after seeing horoscopes after horoscopes and hearing the stories of unending agonies of people particularly with their children.

Obsessiveness with erotic life with great materialistic success and the consequences it leads to is what an astrologer can see---the Hindu astrologer doing it scientifically with Lahiri ayanamsha, Hindu astrology being the most developed astrology of the world --- the gift of so many seers for thousands of years. And it teaches a lesson---the lesson of spirituality.

That lesson of spirituality can be seen in the entire horoscope but concentrate on the fifth house to see the main spring board of your happiness or unhappiness with your children whom you love.

This book written by four woman astrologers under the guidance of K.N.Rao, after a very deep research, opens out a vista for the very first time for you to understand and unravel a less understood mystery of life ---- the major cause of your happiness or unhappiness, if you are married, are the children whose parents you are.



A book I wanted to write myself many years ago because I had seen my late mother, the best astrologer I have ever seen with her predictions about marriage and children and prashna, got postponed. In the meantime some brilliant students we have, started working hard and producing very readable articles and books. I chose four women students, all with more than twenty years of married life and three of them with children more than twenty years old to write this book. These women appreciate that each child is born with its own sanchit karma, a mixture of good and bad karmas and living together, under the same roof, have to suffer it individually and collectively.

They worked for more than nine months reading the scriptures first, as I insisted and I showed to them how to relate the fifth house, the house of poorva janma karma, to children through the scriptures and the astrological classics and see the indestructible link between them.

Often, when parents, in agony, because of their unfortunate children, ask questions it is difficult to tell them to live with it, as it is the burden they carry as a result of their karmas of past life, they are not consoled, some of them not even convinced and fall into the traps of remedy prescribing fraudulent astrologers. They spend fortunes with no results. Lack of spiritual upbringing and understanding leads to this terrible ignorance. There is no escaping such misfortune. All wealth and high career on one side and unfortunate child or children on the other seems to strike a queer balance in their lives ---so much wealth and career achievement counter balanced by unfortunate children.

Then, there are those parents who see their children prosper, in these days of planned parenthood when they have two or three children only, all succeeding in the materialistic rat race of our times with very lukewarm spirituality. They are creating some karmas for their future lives as they are the least concerned with final liberation. The success they see their children achieve is all that they want and are satisfied.

Real balance is seen in the lives of older generation of people with spiritual background, large families with some children succeeding as worthy children with successful careers and some becoming lifelong burdens.

What then is a happy family with good children who are also spiritual?

The new generation of Indians hardly appreciate the role of sanchit karma or accumulated karma of past lives, hardly ha useful spiritual guidance to plan their lives striking a balance between the demands of materialistic life and the importance of spiritual pursuits.

I have seen many examples of spiritual parents with handicapped children becoming intensely spiritual and whole heartedly accepting it all as their poorva karma and striving to liquidate it for final liberation from the cycle of births and rebirths. But the majority of them not accept it and do all that they possibly can, get the best treatment with no avail even after spending a fortune.

See the contrasting examples of Queen Victoria and Joseph Kennedy -- both with nine children each.

There is the rare example of Harimohan Joshi who got more spiritualized after the birth of two abnormal children.

Then there were the Moghul kings, blood thirsty, throne grabbing emperors with their rapacious children fighting with each other to grab the throne of power and yet hypocritically pretending to be pious like Aurangzeb, the most brutal of them, finally becoming the cause of the liquidation of the Moghul empire.

Most of the cases taken in this book with over one hundred examples are from middle class families known for their mix of spirituality a worldliness---some intense, some diluted and some none at all.

Finally, if this book causes some pain to some astrologer parents, I offer my apologies with the instruction: Accept God's laws and Live cheerfully inspite of unfortunate children.



The title of this book may appear grandiose to some readers. It is not so. The clear aim of writing this is two fold: the first is to show to those who do not believe in rebirths that there is an explanation for why your children are what they are, because of some karmas of yours in past lives, through Hindu astrology based on Hindu scriptures. The second aim is to show through sound methodology, through the application of principles of Hindu astrology, why astrology alone can explain scientifically many of those mysterious happenings which all other branches of human knowledge fail to explain.

In Hindu astrology, the fifth house relates both to poorva janma punya (spiritual merit of past lives) and also children. The children born to you can be healthy, unhealthy, mentally or physically sick, successful in their lives - moderately or extraodinarily or failures and life-long Liabilites, depending to a large extent on your horoscope, but not fully. It depends on the poorva janma punya and can be explained logically astrologically.

Before explaining the cardinal features of this research it is necessary to state that I started predicting about marriage and children only when I had reached the age of fifty when my office colleagues started blaming me that my astrology was only for VIPs and not for them and their families. Since then I took interest in it in 1980's when the Indian society had neither become so internet conscious, mobile using society with social controls breaking down so terribly as now. The invasion of the mobile phone and the Facebook has destroyed even family control now, with children regarding their parents as outdated and defying them as never happened before on such a large scale.

The questions parents ask now in the twenty first century are entirely different than those of the eighties of the last century. The Indian society had not shed its middle class morality then on such a massive scale. Marriages were more stable those days than now.

This can be best understood in the case of those people who have four or more children and they deserve serious attention from astrologers. That logic will apply equally validly even in the case of smaller families where they have one or two or maximum three children with good to luxurious upbringing, all their demands met by their parents.

In British India in which I was born (1931) the child mortality was abnormally high and the average Indian mortality then was 27 years compared to 65 or more years now. I do not remember a single family among hundreds in which some children did not die in their infanthood or childhood or even teenage in any family of more than five children or if they survived and did not become physically or mentally handicapped. Out of five or more children one or two died of tuberculosis, typhoid, small pox or some other diseases which were uncontrolled then. It must have been the reason for the plethora of combinations for arishta or mishaps in the astrological books written in those centuries.

The only exception, the only is what I am stressing, known to me where there were as many as eight children, two of them undernourished, in which none died, none became physically or mentally handicapped is ours --- we are four brothers and four sisters. My father died in 1961 and my mother in 1984. My eldest brother died at the age of ninety (2013), eldest sister died at the age of seventy four (1998), the second eldest sister also died at the age of seventy four (2002) and the remaining five alive all have crossed the age of seventy and have our old age and life style ailments only after all of us having achieved moderate to notable success in our lives and careers, remaining still in the middle class category. The youngest among us is now seventy two years old (as in 2014).

Can this be explained, not through our horoscopes but that of our parents, the horoscopes of my mother and father? Yes, that is the theme of this book, the karma of parents, karma of their previous lives and this life also, which explains astrologically very clearly about their health, their success and the mental and physical health of their children in clearest terms. It is what is being presented here through horoscopes dividing the subject into the following categories.


1. Happy with some children among many in some large families of more than five children. Unhappy with others because they are either handicapped or have died early

2. Happy only with some children in smaller families of four or less than four children. Unhappy with others because they are either handicapped or have died early

3. Unhappy with some children because of various physical, mental or financial problems.

4. Unhappy because they have to live with handicapped children or children who have been failures in their lives.

5. There are parents who become spiritual because their children have caused them lot of unhappiness. They take to spiritual life seriously accepting it all stoically never losing their equanimity or spiritual poise. This is the rarest category.

How to see it astrologically?

There are enough astrological parameters given in astrological classics which are being given first here before explaining them through illustrative horoscopes.


The astrological classics chosen for this purpose are the following:

1. Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra

2. Phaldeepika

3. Maansaagari

4. Jatak Parijat

5. Sarvarthchintamani

6. Jatakbharanam

7. Jataktatvam

8. Uttarkalamrit

9. Saravali


These are being supplemented with our own researches which is absolutely necessary as we are supporting our researches by using three varga charts not mentioned in classics quoted. These classics refer at the most only to the navamsha position of the fifth lord which, according to our finding, is incomplete as, vargas clarify some vague areas of the birth horoscopes. For instance Parashara mentions the fifth house both for education and children but the diference between good or bad performance in education and misfortune to children cannot be clarified unless other vargas, particularly the saptamsha is examined.


1. Navamsha
2. Rashi tulya navamsha
3. Saptamsha
4. Thrimshamsha


The dasha being used generally is the Vimshottari dasha along with some conditional dashas wherever necessary.


1. The Indian horoscopes of famous people chosen for our illustrations are authentic ones, from our own collection, they are the people intimately known to us and the horoscopes are undisputed.

2. The foreign horoscopes are from Rodden's website where the rating is A or above, Where it is not A, we have rectified them on the basis of the known events and used them.

3. The horoscopes of the Mughal Emperors are taken from various historical books (by Sh. K.N. Rao).


Do not apply the rules given in astrological classics dogmatically and rigidly as they need to be interpreted in other vargas. It is the synthesis of all these, taking a hint only from the classics, For instance, 'Mars in the fifth house or aspecting the fifth house is said to be bad for a male child', is to be applied flexibly, not blindly and dogmatically.

1. For example in the horoscope of Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Mars is in the fifth house with the fifth Lord Saturn and his son Amitabh Bachchan born in 1942 is still very active in his acting career. Although in July 1982, Amitabh met with a fatal accident and nearly died.

2. In the horoscope of King George V, Mars is in the fifth house aspected by exalted Saturn but his sons did not die. The elder one fell in Love with an American widow and had to give up the kingdom of the British empire.

3. In Rajiv Gandhi's horoscope both Mars and Saturn aspect his fifth house and he has a male child as his first child, now forty four years in 2014. Here additionally Jupiter aspects the fifth house and the Lagna has Jupiter, Venus and Mercury which is praised in astrological texts as saviours.

4. The son of Paul Newman, only male one among six children, died of overdose of medicines. But his Mars is in gandanta aspected by both Jupiter and Saturn. Saptamsha clarifies this better.

5. In Marlon Brando's case, one son of his committed suicide. Here Mars aspects the fifth house.

6. Azharuddin's younger son died in an accident. Mars aspects the fifth house.

Our approach therefore is to apply the classics liberally not literally. Yet, it will be seen how valid and eternally applicable these principles are supplemented by some researches and observations in the changed and changing context of modern Life in the technological era with medical sciences advancing so spectacularly.




Dedicated To 7
Preface 8
Introduction 9
Famous People and their Children 12
Tentative Research 14
Our Scheme of Presentation 15
Chapter 1: The Scriptures 17-22
Chapter 2: The Classics 23-37
Chapter 3: Checklist 38
PART-II: Illustrations of Famous People
Chapter 4:  
Category 'A' (Mixed Category of Happiness and Unhappiness) 41
Category 'B' (The Six Moghul Emperors) 73-89
Category 'C' (British Royalty) 95-99
Category 'D' (Nehru Dynasty) 101-103
Category 'E' (British Prime Ministers) 105-109
Category 'F' (Us Presidents and Their Families) 111-113
Category 'G' (Indian Politicians) 119-123
Category 'H' (Hollywood Actors) 124-128
Category 'I' (Indian Actors) 130-132
Category 'J' (Astrologers) 134-138
Part - III  
Chapter 5: Small Happy Family 141
Chapter 6: Small Happy Family 174
Chapter 7: Large Family 221
Part - IV  
Chapter 8: Rahu/Ketu's influence on the fifth house 236
Chapter 9: Jupiter influence on the fifth house 246
Part - V 89
Chapter 10: The Parents who cheated 253-256
Cahpter 11: Compare and Contras 259-273
Appendix 275


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