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0.4 inches Height
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1 inch Height
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16 inch Necklace Length 2 inch Earrings Height
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$55  (25% off)
19.2" Necklace 2.3" Earring Height
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$55  (25% off)
1.5" Pendant Height0.7" Earrings Height
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$45  (25% off)
2.0" Pendant Height1.0" Earrings Height
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$40  (25% off)
3.5" Pendant Height2.0" Earrings Height
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$90  (25% off)
16.0" Necklace Length2.5" Earrings Height
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$60  (25% off)
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Victorian - The Romantic Royal jewelry of Love

The Victorian era began with Queen Victoria’s birth and ended with her passing. During her days on the throne, there was a magnificent change in clothing, jewelry, and overall change in the entire fashion industry. While this period was divided into many small eras, one of them being the romantic period, Victorian jewelry is still one of the most popular jeweler styles and is here to stay. 

Exotic India brings the Victorian trend to the surface with notable motifs and gemstones but with diverse alterations in each victorian jewelry piece. Romantic tints, shapes, sizes, and designs of Victorian jewelry make for the perfect gift of love for your special someone as a sign of unconditional love for them. 


With radiant and unprecedented contours and shades of the jewelry, Exotic India designs a wide range of gorgeous Victorian jewelry that perfectly complements the beauty of the wearer. If you have a special occasion coming up and can’t make up your mind about what to would be the perfect gift of appreciation or want to indulge in some self-pampering, Exotic India’s victorian jewelry designs got you covered!