Anandatirtha: A CD ROM on the Life and Teachings of Shri Madhvacharya

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Poorna Prajan Samshodana
About the CD Rom

Animations, Life History, Biography, Compositions Music and Pictures

How To Install Anandatirtha?
Insert the Anandatirtha CD-Rom in the CD-Rom drive. The setup for installing Anandatirtha will autostart. If the setup does no autostart then from the explorer select CD-Rom drive. Double click on setup.exe file.

How to Uninstall Anandatirtha
If you decide that you no longer wish to have Anandatirtha on your computer you can remove it by using the uninstall Anandatirtha from the Start menu programs in Shri Madhvacharya folder. You can also uninstall using the add/Remove programs wizard. To do this click on the start menus on the task bar then select control Panel Double click the Anandatirtha program to remove from the list. Click on the add/remove button and then the yes button.

Minimum Screen resolutions and color settings
This product has been designed to look its best with a screen resolution of 640X480 pixels. All screen images are created in this size and will completely fill the screen at this resolution. Running your screen at a higher resolution (such as 800x600) or 1024X768 pixels) will result in a smaller image of Anandatirtha being displayed.

Anandatirtha is designed to look its best in high color (16 bit) modes and above.

Vedanta Darshanas the very name is evocative of the timeless systems of Hindu philosophy derived from the Hoary Vedas whose origins are buried in the mists of time. Out of the famous trinity of Acharyas who interpreted them the Last Shri Madhvacharya (13th century) established an uncompromising realistic system where the supreme being alone in totally independent and al others are dependent but real entities.

This CD the first of its kind contains all relevant and fully authenticated material about the great Preceptor

• His Animated Life story based on a contemporary biography
• Current photographs of places associated with his life and tourism data.
• A Complete book in English by Prof. B N K Sharma the Philosophy of Madhvacharya
• Excellent audio packages on the Vedic hymns sthotras composed by Madhva or on him
• An Original discourse by a revered madhva saint late Shri Vidyamanaya tirtha Swamiji
• This CD has some thing for all Children Busy executives and the serious student of Philosophy.

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