The Angry Man (Krodhi) (DVD)

Item Code: ICW085
Subhash Ghai Shemaroo Entertainment (2007)Approx. 151 Minutes
About the DVD

Produced by: Ranjit Virk
Music by: Laxmikant Pyarelal

Starring: Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Ranjeeta, Zeenat Aman, Sachin, Premnath, Pran

There is divinity that shapes our ends…
Vikramjeet Singh Alias Vicky is notorious criminal with a prize on his head. If the police has failed to nab him and bring him to book it’s because are neither aware of his real identity nor the whereabouts of his gang as he lives in his own underworld with a group of well equipped well armed and well trained people lined up behind him. Besides he himself is a full blooded dare devil and more than a match for the law. But as they say there’s tide in the affairs of man. Soon a time comes when with the help of Neera Vicky’s secretary and confidante a young C.B.I officer named kumar Sahini succeeds in overthrowing vicky’s crime empire and makes him run for his life. It’s at this point when the police is hot on his heels and he is desperately looking for some straw to clutch on and save him from the noose of the police that Vicky awakens to a new world of selfless that his salvation lies not in killing but in healing not in destroying but in giving a new hope to the poor and the down trodden. The life he had lived after the death of Aarti was only a nightmare an illusion which had no relevance to the truth. It was in fact an offshoot of his Krodh and like the fury of thunderstorm which gets deflated when it over runs its course. The divine illumination inspires him to work ceaselessy for the betterment of the people whom he had considered his enemies only a night before however there are devils like Jagira the ruthless dacoit of the region to whom Vicky’s transformation is a hoax completely reconciled to the disappearances of Vicky and is still gunning for him. The story takes a further turn when the police arrives at the village to arrest Vicky but is prevented by the people of the town who have now come to regard him as a saint and their savior and messiah!.

The story takes a further turn when Jagira also jumps into the melee to settle old score with Vicky and rob the temple of its riches. The climax is full of thrills and fat paced action.

Subtitle: English
5.1 Dolby Digital

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