The Awakening: Sufi Expressions by Shobha Mudgul (Audio CD)

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Composed By Gaurav Issar

Sufi Expressions by Shubha Mudgal

The awakening is an extraordinary experience of spontaneous awareness that changes the understanding of reality. Discover explore and celebrate this infinite Reality hidden in our insides and experience a soul’s journey the embellished world of superficial pleasures to the austere and serene kingdom of self realization with these intense songs.

‘Main Sutti Rahiyaan’ the lead track of the album charts the saga of a girl seeped in materialistic allure who eventually purifies her soul by demolishing her urge for materialistic comforts in turn connecting with her own deeper self. She confesses that she was lost in the darkness of dormancy when god was distributing nectar of opportunities and blessings in the early hours of the morning. Trapped in the mesh of her dreams she did not soak in the shower of his blessings, but now she has woken up and burns with the desire to exult in the fragrance of his divine name. She urges to hold her finger and take across to the plane of higher reality.

The captivating voice of Shubha Mudgal has heightened the sheen of these rustic songs. A vocalist for the sheer power range and distinctiveness of her voice Shubha Mudgal possesses a constant relentless and inborn appetite to adapt different musical styles and experiment with different genres of music. A musical talent extraordinaire she leaves the audience spellbound and mesmerized with her versatility and command over virtually every form of music. And when the wisdom and charm of DJ Gaurav Issar’s lyrics & compositions are merged with the power of Shubha Mudgal’s earthy rendition what transpires is sheer magic. Experience this magic and get jolted form darkness into light. Embrace these luminous songs that awaken the dormant soul!

I am honoured to have had the opportunity to work with an artist like Shubhaji and would like to thank her for the same. I would also like to thank all my musicians and accompanists who did fabulous work on this album.

1Awakening (Main Sutti Rahiyaan) – Lyrics: Gaurav Issar
2Patjhad – Lyrics Shyam Anuragi
3Kar Sajda – Lyrics Shyam Anuragi
4Nadiya – Lyrics Shyam Anuragi
5Badalon Ka – Lyrics Gaurav Issar
6Ali O Ali – Lyrics Shyam Anuragi
7Mati Ke Pher – Lyrics Ekhlas
8Mrigtrishna – Lyrics Shyam Anuragi
9Ye Subah – Lyrics Ekhlas
10Awakening Revisited
Singer: Shubha Mudgal
Concept, Composed arranged & Produced by Gaurav Issar
Recorded & Mixed at Silence & Sound Studio by Salim Syed
Mastered by Jatin Sharma

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