Basu Chatterjee: Essential Collection (Set of 9 DVDs)

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Basu ChatterjeeEagle Home Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.(2010)1032 Min.
About the DVD

1. Khatta Meetha

Ashok Kumar, Rakesh Roshan, Bindiya Goswami, Deven Verma, Preeti Ganguli, Ranjit Chawdhary, Pradeep Kumar, Keshto Mukherjee & Iftekhar

Directed by: Basu Chatterjee
Produced by: Gul Anand & Romu N. Sippy
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Gulzar

Homi Mistry (Ashok Kumar) has been a widower for several years now, and looks after his four sons, their small house, and a job at the factory. Nargis Sethna has been widowed; is a housewife, has two sons and a daughter, and a large house. Then Soli (David), Nargis and Homi’s friend, suggests that the two get married, then at least the children will have a mother and father, as well as a larger house. They do get married, and hilarious chaos results, as the family and the children try to accommodate each other and fit in with their new family and surroundings.

2. Baton Baton Mein

Amol Palekar, Tina Munim, David, Pearl Padamsee, Shobhini Singh, Asrani, Leela Mishra, Tun Tun, Arvind & Ranjit Chowdhry

Cineye Films Presents
A film by Basu Chatterjee
Director of Photography: A. K. Bir
Production: Peter D’Souza & Y. P. Varti
Choreography: Vijay-Oscar
Make-up: Ulhas Palav
Casting: K. K. Mathur
Sound: Arun Chakravarthy
Screenplay & Dialogue: Basu Chatterjee
Story: C. J. Pavari
Lyrics: Yogesh & Amit Khanna
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Produced by: Basu Chatterjee
Directed by: Basu Chatterjee

Rosie Pemeira (Pearl Padaamsee) is an overly anxious widow living with her violin obsessed son, Sahib (Ranjit Chowdhary) and a lovely daughter Nancy (Tina Munim) who she would like to get married to a wealthy young man. Her brother and Neighbour Tom (David) Introduces a young eligible Tony Brangza (Amol Palekar) to Nancy in the 9:10 AM Western Railway local train from Bandra to Churchgate. Tom also asks Nancy to introduce Tony to Rosie which she does, Rosie which she does. Rosie is initially apprehensive about him as he only drawing a mere Rs. 300/- compared to Nancy Rs. 700/- but soon changes her mind when she finds out that after his probationary period he will draw a monthly pay of Rs. 1000/- Nancy and Tom are permitted to meet and both eventually fall in love. While Nancy has a past where she was betrayed by a boy whom she loved she still likes Tony. Tony is hesitant and this what cost him Nancy love as Rosie feel that he will not come through with the marriage. And soon Rosie starts looking elsewhere for a son in low. Nancy does not like this but she at first accepts to whatever her mom wants. Nancy and Tony have a fight and stop meeting each other in the train as well. When Tom comes to know about this he speaks to Tony dad. Tony dad tells tony that it he is still reluctant to make any commitments he should tell Nancy about the same. So Nancy and Tony meet each other and Nancy tells him that she will never meet him again. It is then when Tony feels that he actually loves Nancy and cannot live without her. Then nanny also confesses her love for him and they get married happily.

3. Pasand Apni Apni

Mithun Chakraborty, Rati Agnihotri, Utpal Dutt, Subiraj, Kumud Tripathi, javed Khan, Ashok Kumar, Jayshree T., Ashalata, Dinesh Hingoo, Atul Agnihotri

Story: Basu Chatteerjee & Eric Martin
Screenplay & Dialogues: Basu Chatterjee
Lyrics: Anjaan & Yogesh
Art Direction: Jadab Bhattacharya
Editor: Kamal Saigal
Music: Bappi Lahiri
Produced & Directed by: Basu Chatterjee

Sandeep Anand is a wealthy industrial. He runs an organization, and falls in love with one of his employees named Geeta, who comes from a lower middle class family, and wants to marry a man in the same class. Sandeep convinces her that he works for Mr. Anand, and both fall in love. When Geeta and her family find out that Sandeep has been lying to them, they have him arrested for impersonation. When Sandeep convinces the police that he is indeed the real Sandeep Anand, he is released. When Sandeep attempts to woo Geeta back, she will have nothing to do with him, as he lied to her. Sandeep will now have to prove his love for Geeta all over again.

4. Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

Deepak Kejriwal, Amitabh Shrivastav, Pankaj Kapur, S.M. Zaheer, Subhash Udghate, Hemant Mishra, M.K. Raina, K. K. Raina, K. K. Raina, Annu Kapoor, Subbiraj, Shailendra Goel, Aziz Qureshi & C.D. Sindhu

Art Direction: Jaydev Bhattacharya
Sound: Arun Chakravarti
Music: Basu Chakravarti
Dialogue: Ranjit Kapur
Produced & Directed: Basu Chatterjee

Twelve male members of a jury gather together in an enclosed room to deliberate their decision on a charge of murder against a young man who has been accused of killing his elderly father. All of the jury, save for one, are convinced of this young man's guilt, and they would like to convince their colleague also to come to the same unanimous decision. But will they be able to convince him to change his verdict?

5. Shaukeen

Ashok Kumar, A.K.Hangal, Utpal Dutt, Mithun Chakraborty, Rati Agnihotri, Sharad Qazilbash, Minalini, Neelam, Gita, Siddharth, Ashalata Wabgaonkar, Jayshree T. & Mrinalini

Music: R. D. Burman
Dialogue: Shani
Story by: Samaresh Basu
Produced by: Debika Mitra
Screenplay & Directed by: Basu Chatterjee

Choudhry, Jagdishbhai, and Inder Sen are old friends in their early sixties, but believe they are in still their forties. While Choudhry lives with his wife, Sita, Inder is widowed, and Jagdish is divorced. Their weakness is smoking, alcohol, and women. While they are able to satisfy they need for the first two vices, they are unable to openly indulge with women to their hearts' content while in Bombay. When Sita decides to take a religious pilgrimage, the three decide to travel out of town, and have fun with women. They hire a car driver named Sakharam, who takes them to Goa, and once there, he drives them to a night-club, which has a dancer and singer named Anita. All three friends find Anita gorgeous, and would love to be intimate with her. They plan to individually spend time with her, but Murphy's law prevails with hilarious results.

6. Lakhon Ki Baat

Sanjeev Kumar, Farouque Sheikh, Anita Raj, Anjali Sen, Utpal Dutt, Pinchoo Kapoor, Subiraj, Javed Khan & Raj Bharti

Screenplay & Diglogue: Basu Chatterjee
Lyrics: Yogesh
Art Direction: Jadav Bhattacharya
Music: Manas Mukharji
Produced & Directed by: Basu Chatterjee

AIok, a person photographer, while covering the finals of a girls hockey championship, gets injured by a flying hockey -ball and is removed to the hospital. AIok's elder sister’s husband, Prem Sagar, is a shrewd lawyer and a smart operator. When he learns of AIok's injury, he hits upon a plan to extract Rupees twenty lakhs as compensation for AIok's injury by proving that the injury has damaged AIok's spinal cord and he will be invalid throughout his life AIok is a divorcee. His wife, Shobha, left him because he could not meet the expenses of her aspiration to become a top play-back singer. However, when Shobha learns that AIok is to get twenty lakhs for rupees, she visits him in the hospital.

7. Chameli Ki Shadi

Anil Kapoor, Amrita Singh, Om Prakash, Annu Kapoor, Pankaj Kapoor, Bharti Achrekar, Komal Mahuvakar, Shail Chaturvedi & Amjad Khan

Art Direction: Jadhav Bhattacharya
Lyrics: Prakash Mehra & Anjaan
Story: Om Prakash Sharma
Screenplay: Prakash Mehra & Basu Chatterjee
Music: Kalyanji Anandji
Produced by: Ramesh Hingoo & Sushil Gaur
Directed by: Basu Chatterjee

Charandas lives a poor lifestyle in a small town in India along with his older brother, Bhajandas, and Bhabhi. He is unemployed and commits himself to be a wrestler with Ustad Mastram Pahelwan, who gets him to celibate until he is 40 years of age. But when Charandas meet with a school student Chameli the daughter of a low caste coal merchant both fall head over heels in love with each other go on dates exchange love letters much to the chagrin of Chameli dad, Kallumal who has plans to be the next Municipal chairman and mom, Champa who decide to enlist the help of Champa brother, Changanlal, as well as arrange Lachuram, who is of their caste. As events hilarious spiral out of control, Charandas must now decide whether he prefers to be known as the semi senile lover Majnu or as Prithviraj Chauhan who dared to abduct his future wife, amidst stiff all round opposition.

8. Do Ladke Dono Kadke

Moushumi Chatterjee, Amol Palekar, Asrani, Ranjeet, Keshto Mukherjee, Iftekhar, Prema Narayan, Dina Pathak, Nilu Phule, Viju Khote, Navin Nishchol & Mithu Mukherjee

Story: Robi Ghosh
Art: Ajit Banerjee
Music: Hemant Kumar
Lyrics: Yogesh
Produced by: Jayanta Mukherjee
Screenplay, Dialogue & Directed by: Basu Chatterjee

Two petty thieves decide to rob a house that kidnappers had decided to kidnap a child from, what results is chaos, as the child ends up with the petty thieves, and both the thieves & the Kidnappers claiming the ransom; and assorted characters showing up to claim the reward offered by the child's parents. Light hearted comedy, with "Kise khabar kahan dagar jivan ki ley Jaye, kab koi sapna bikhare yahan par, kab koi sach ho jaye ....” hummable.

9. Apna Paraye

Shabna Azmi, Amol Palekar, Utpal Dutt, Girish Karnad, Ashalata, Manik Dutt, Bharti Achrekar, , Manisha, Master Rajesh, Master Vikas, Master Manoj

Produced by: Mushir-Riaz
Music: Bappi Lahiri
Lyrics: Yogesh
Dialogue, Screenplay & Directed by: Basu Chatterjee

The Film is a social drama dealing with the problems of the joint family system. Chandernath an unemployed youth, his wife and children live jointly with their rich cousins, The rich cousins wives make snide remarks at Chandrantath and family and finally Chandranath leaves with his wife for their ancestral village. There they repair the old dilapidated house and try to live on their meagre means. However the rich cousins are still not satisfied and they want to take away the village property share too. Chandranath bears all the brunt till one day the rich cousins realize Chandranath's worth, as he has developed the joint village property for their common interest. The family once again comes within the fold of the joint family system.

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