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Osho Spotlight Video (2010)114 Min. Approx
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Every way to help a child is wrong. The very idea to helping is not right. The child needs your love not your help. The child needs nourishment support but not your help. The natural potential of the child is unknown so there is no way to help him rightly to attain to his natural potential. You cannot help when the goal is unknown all that you can do is not interfere. And in fact in the name of help everybody is interfering with everybody else and because the name is beautiful nobody objects.

Of course the child is so small so dependent on you he cannot object. And the people around are just like you they have also been helped by their parents the way you have been helped. Neither they have attained their natural potential nor have you.

The whole world is missing out in spite of all the help from the parents from the family from the relatives from the neighbors from the teachers from the priests. In fact everybody is so burdened with help that under its weight what to say of attaining natural potential one cannot even attain unnatural potential! One cannot move the weight on everybody’s shoulders is Himalaya. And it is one of the most difficult things, not to interfere. It is not the nature of the mind. Mind is basically continuously, persistently, tempted to interfere. It lives on interference. The more you can interfere, the more powerful you are. How do you measure power? It is not something material, you cannot weigh it--but it is measured, weighed. The way to measure it is by how much you can interfere in how many people’s lives. Adolf Hitler is powerful because he can interfere in millions of people’s lives. You are not Adolf Hitler, but still you can interfere in a few people’s lives ... a little, miniature Adolf Hitler. At least the husband can interfere in the wife’s life, the wife can interfere in the husband’s life. It is a mutual game; in this way both become powerful The husband goes on interfering in his own way, without being aware why they are interfering. They were supposed to be together to enhance each other’s life but .... The husband will come late every day -- not that it is essential to come late, but it is a question of power, ego: if he comes home on time that means he has surrendered. I know husbands who go on sitting in offices doing nothing, gossiping, knowing perfectly well that their wives will be boiling. They can reach home in time, but that’s what she wants. Just because she wants, it is impossible for the man, against his manliness, to be on time; he will come late. And the same scene is repeated every day. Nor is the wife ready to drop asking him why he is late, knowing perfectly well that whatsoever he says is a lie. She knows it is a lie, he knows that she knows that it is a lie -- and it is a lie, but it is a good beginning to a fight, a good start, a good excuse. And then the wife goes on doing the same ... I have sat with a husband in his car, and he is honking his horn because he is worried; he has to take me to a particular meeting and I have to be there in time. And 1 don’t like to waste people’s time; I am not a political leader. A political leader is supposed to come late. Again, the same power --you have to wait. And he is not just a nobody; he is so occupied, so busy, that he is bound to be late. I know political leaders who were just sitting and gossiping, and I have told them, “We have to go to your meeting.” They said, “You don’t understand. A politician should not arrive on time. That means he is not a big shot, just a small fry.” lam not a politician. I am neither a big shot nor a small fry. I am just a human being, neither anything more nor anything less. I have been particular about arriving in time. So the husband is worried, and the wife leans out of the window and says, “Stop honking your horn! I have told you one thousand times that! Am coming in one minute.”! Looked at the husband and said, “This is something, ‘one thousand times’ and ‘lam coming in one minute’! Where did she get the time to say it one thousand times in one minute?” But it is a power trip, The wife wants it to be known who is the boss. You can go on honking the horn, but without the boss coming down the car cannot move. I have a certain rapport with women, so whomsoever I was staying with, soon I became very close to their mothers, to their wives, sisters. And! asked, What is the matter? Everyday it happens; the poor man goes on honking.” And they would say, “Nothing is the matter. We are not busy, but he goes on coming home late every day and pays no attention to what we are saying. So whenever we have the chance ... It is simple give and take.” All the people around you have been helped, greatly helped, to be what they are. You have been helped; now you want to help your children too. All that you can do is be loving, be nourishing, be warm, be accepting. The child brings an unknown potential, and there is no way to figure out what he is going to be. So no procedure can be suggested: “This way you should help the child.” And each child is unique so there cannot be a general discipline for every child. People like this Miss Judith Martin are suggesting measures for every child, as if children are produced on an assembly line in a factory. No two children are the same. How can you suggest, how can you have even the nerve to suggest a generalized program, that this should be done? But Miss Judith Martin .... I don’t know how many times she has become “Miss.” I think at least a dozen times certainly, because no husband can survive her; either he will escape or commit suicide, but he will have to do something to make her Miss again. And she must be now very old. Perhaps finally when she became famous and the most well- known authority on child-rearing, nobody dared to marry her again, because such a woman, who has no compassion on children -- do you think she will have some compassion on husbands? She will train them exactly the way animals are trained in a circus. She will make them dance of her tune and her being a world famous authority what can the poor husband do except dance? This kind of person has existed down the ages around the world everywhere. They have prescriptions, recipes, disciplines for everybody not only for their contemporaries but for all future generations as to what is right. They are so idiotic although they are known as great sages who have given you religions, disciplines, moralities, ethics, codes of conduct great law givers. But I say again to you these people are idiots. Only an idiot can think in a generalized way when human beings are concerned.

Osho’s teachings defy categorization covering everything from the individual quest for meaning to the most urgent social and political issues facing society today. Osho has been described by the Sunday Times in London as one of the 1000 Makers of the 20th Century and by American author tom Robbins as the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ. About his own work Osho has said that he is helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being.

He has often characterized this new human being as Zorba the Buddha Capabel both of enjoying the earthy pleasures of a Zorba the Greek and the Silent Serenity of a Gautam Buddha. Running like a thread through all aspects of Osho’s work is vision that encompasses both the timeless wisdom of the East and the highest potential of western science and technology.

Osho is also known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation with an approach to meditation that acknowledge the accelerated pace of contemporary life. His unique meditations are designed to first release the accumulated stresses of body and mind so that it is easier to experience the thought free and relaxed state of meditation.

Two autobiographical works by the author are available Autobiography of a spiritually incorrect mystic (St. Martin’s Griffin 2001) Glimpses of a golden childhood (Rebel Publishing House 1998)

Osho is one of the Most important contemporary mystics of our time. Known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation he inspires millions of people from around the world with his message of transformation through meditation.

Osho is one of the Most important contemporary mystics of our time. Known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation he inspires millions of people from around the world with his message of transformation through meditation.

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The Osho Collection
The Osho Collection presents for the first time on DVD a selection of twenty original talks by Osho on Significant subjects and essential questions.

For Osho True Education consists not in helping our children but in letting them grow free to develop natural talents and reach an unknowable potential as unique individuals your concern should be to take away all the dangers, but not to interfere with the child let them go their own way, he says in this talk with is singular perspective Osho analyzes the life of a human being demonstrating amongst his other insights that the first seven years have a determinant powerful significance on a child’s growth.

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