Daagh : Melodiously Sung (Vol. 2) (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICV024
Shumona Roy BiswasTimes Music (2001)
About the Artiste

Born Into a family of eminent musicians Shumona was trained in her early years by her father Shri Vinod Kumar Chatterjee. Her birth and education of Lucknow gave her the added advantage of knowing the finer nuances of the Urdu Language wit an accent on poetry and Literature.

Shumona has had the rare privilege of informal training from Pandit Birju Maharaj in Thumri dadra and ghazal.

Immediately before her demise Begum Akhtar recognized Shumona’s latent talent and took her under her tutelage. This opportunity though brief enrich Shumona’s relationship with Urdu poetry and raised her style of ghazal rendition to the highest level.

A winner of the Akashvani National Music competition at the tender age of sixteen and currently an A grade artiste of Air and Doordarshan Shumona has enthralled audiences almost all over India propagating the traditional art of ghazal rendition with her finense of style and melody. Her insight into the poet’s thoughts and appreciation of Urdu poetry adds a rare touch of distinctiveness to her performances.

Presently residing in Bhopal one of the bastions of Urdu legacy and with her diverse interest spanning writing and theatre Shumona Roy Biswas is a godsend crusader in keeping alive the traditional form of ghazal rendition. This special volume on Daag is testimony to her captivating style appreciated by both consciousness and the average ghazal lover.

About the CD

With flawless poetry flowing straight from his heart Nawab Mirza khan Dehlvi weaved into it the myriad facets of life skillfully enriching his expressions with emotions and thus enchanting millions of admirers.

His poetic flair complemented the delicate intricacies of composing shairee. The poet’s heightened sense of music added luster to his poetry. Probably that’s why whenever his ghazals are rendered they tug at the heartstrings of listeners and take them into them into another realm one of peace and calm. His versatile verses have given him the distinction of being counted in the same league as greats like Ghalib and mir.

Born and brought up in a royal family his comfortable life afforded him several opportunities to observe life and draw from it. His work reflected his inspiration. His creations dazzle not only with the flowering of romanced but also include day to day experiences that the common man can identify with in fact his writing almost seems like a personal dairy as though he has penned down his feelings.

Tabla: Rajesh Rajbhat
Harmonium: Bhure Khan Saheb
Spanish Guitar: Chintoo Singh
Sarangi: Muraad Ali
Bass Guitar: Dominic Fernandes
Tanpura: Vilas Pednekar


1. Ajab Apna Haal Hota
2. Mohabbat Mein Karien Kya
3. Aapka Aitbaar Kaun Kare
4. Khatir Se ya Lihaaz se
5. Kiya hai Dindar
6. Kaabe Kii Hai Hawis

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