Devadasi Murai…“Remembering Devadasis” (CD - ROM)

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Devadasi MuraiIndira Gandhi National Centre For The Arts
About the CD

The term “Devadasi” refers to female ritual specialist :
Good luck well being are in her hands.
In Tamil Nadu this millennia old tradition has seen great hay days.

Power Macintosh or Standard Macintosh with 16MB RAM
(32MB recommended) 4x CD-Drive (8x recommended),
Thousands colour, 640 X 480 color display. Apple system
Software version 7.0 or higher, Quicktime 2.1.1 for Macintosh.
PC - Pentium 66 MHz (90 MHz recommended) with 16MB RAM
(32MB recommended) 4x CD-Drive (8x recommended), 16 bit,
640 x 480 color display, Windows’95 /Windows NT,
Quicktime 2.1.1 for Windows.

This CD is part of IGNCA’ endeavor to digitize the multidimensional aspects of BRHADISVARA Temple. Other forthcoming Titles are “Gita Govinda”, “Muktesvara Temple”, “Visvaruoa”, “Agnicayana”, “Rock Art” and “Elizabeth Brunner’s Paintings”.

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