J. Krishnamurti: Ending All Fear (Set of 2 DVDs)

Item Code: IZA162
J. KrishnamurtiKrishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. (1970)3 hours and 48 minutes Approx
From The DVD
Artist: J. Krishnamurti
Subitles: English
Audio languages: English, Eng-French, Eng-Spanish, Eng-Italian
Catalogue No: SD70
Video Format: NTSC, Colour- Region Code: All Regions
Duration: 3 hours and 48 minutes Approx

About The DVD

In these four public talks, given in San Diego in 1970, Krishnamurti discusses the human condition and the structure of fear. He asks us to see it, while living in this world with so much chaos and division, we can find out what the source of the violence is and what we can do about it.

Can we get to the root of fear and end it-and without analysis, which involves time and thought and merely escapes from facing the fact? Is there an observation of all this without an observer preventing direct perception of the reality of the conditions in which we live and which we are? In awareness, listening with attention, can we discover what meditation is and see life as a whole that includes death as well as love?

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