Krishna Gayathri Mantra: Japa Mantra 108 (Mantra For Attainment of Progeny, Happiness and Divine Grace (Audio CD)

Item Code: IDB086
Super Audio (Chennai) Pvt Ltd. (2008)
About the CD

“ Om Dhamodharayae Vidhmahe, Rukmani Vallabhaye Dheemahe, Tanno Krishna Prachodayaath”

(We meditate on Damodhara, the darling of Rukmini…May that Krishna guide and illumine us…)

The Gayatri Mantra is a universal mantra and prayer for enlightenment. It also confers great worldly benefits like clarity of thought, good health and prosperity. Manu, the great law-giver therefore asserts that there is nothing greater than the Gayatri Mantra… for there is nothing superior to the contemplation of the light of all lights…the all –illumining consciousness. The Gayatri is a mantra that destroys all sins and confers all auspiciousness. The Gayatri mantras connected with various deities give particular results and rewards. The Gayatri on Lord Krishna, the poorna avatar of Vishnu, is a very powerful version of the Mantra. The Krishna Gayatri, apart from bestowing divine grace and power on the aspirant, gives the blessing of good offspring. The constant sravana (attentive hearing) of the mantra as rendered by traditional pundits in this album is a gateway to virtuous offspring, a life of fulfillment and the final dawning of divine vision

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