Learning Sanskrit Language Structure Structure - Level V (in Pen Drive)



Item Code: IZA371
Prof. V. N. Jha and Prof. Ujjwala JhaChinmaya International Foundation (2017)

From the Pen drive

Prof. V. N. Jha, Former Director of the Centre for Advanced Study in Sanskrit University of Pune, is an eminent scholar and proficient in the various branches of Sanskrit learning. His entire life has been devoted to the promotion of Sanskrit studies through multi-disciplinary approaches, with the sole intention of keeping the language and studies related to it, relevant in the minds of scholars as well as laity.

Prof. Ujjwala Jha, is the Professor and former Director, Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit, Univeristy of Pune. Having completed her M. A. (Sanskrit), M. A. (Indian Logic and Epistemology), Ph. D (Purvamimamsa) from Pune Univeristy, her areas of interest in Veda, Mimamsa, Nyaya, Dharmashastra, Bhuddhism and Jainism, Manuscriptology etc.

Along with Prof. V. N. Jha, Prof. Ujjwala has conducted couses on Navya Nyaya and Purvamimamsa at different Institutions in the cournty since 2000 to promote Indian Shastric Traditions in order to make them contemporarily relevant.

Learning Sanskrit Language Structure is a 5 Level Course. The Aim of the Course is to familiarize the student with the basic structure of the Sanskrit language in such a way that the student understands the syntactic structure with ease, can prepare prose-order of a Sanskrit verse and can grasp the methods to develop reading, writing comprehending and speaking skills, ultimately of course, to gain the ability to handle the original Sanskrit Text. These are lectures of Level III of the Course held at CIF from 21st November to 3rd December 2016.


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