Mandukya Upanisad and Karika with Sankar Bhasya in English (MP3 Audio DVD)

Item Code: IZA281
Swami Paramananda BharatiCentral Chinmaya Mission Trust Duration : 80 hrs.
Mandukya Upanisad and Karika

This Upanisad from the Atharvaveda propounds the quintessence of Advaita Vedanta in just 12 mantras. The Study of this one text alone is enough to take a qualified seeker to moksa.

It says that the aksara Om is all this and all this is Brahman. The mahavakya is ayam atma brahma. This atma is pointed out as Turiya, the fourth, through an in-depth analysis, svapna and susupti.

To expound the subtlety of the mantras, Sri Gaudapadacarya has written 215 Karikas. Sri Sankaracarya through his profound bhasya has provided a penetrating insight into the essence of the sublime teaching.

Pujya Swami Parmananda Bharati skillfully reveals the true import of this Upanisad and also conclusively shows that all misunderstandings and controversies regarding it can be resolved through a clear understanding of Sankarabhasya alone.

About the Speaker

The speaker is a sannyasi in the lineage of Sankaracarya having been initiated into sannyasa at Sringeri. Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest scholars of Advaita Vedanta of this century. His pure life has been a source of constant inspiration for his devotees.


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