Ramktha of Gaddi and Ramkatha of Saraj (Himachal Pradesh) (DVD)

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Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Art, New Delhi58:57 Minutes
About the CD

Two different ways of presenting Ramkatha of two communities in the same state i.e. Himachal Pradesh.

Gaddi – the shepherd devotees of God Shiva – living on the hills and tending sheep and goats – present the Ramkatha in a simple form – one narrator with an assistant; recites the story, in verse as well as monologue, using musical instruments to give the necessary pause or stress.

Saraj Ramkatha – here also the narrator is a single person, with an assistant to give him company. They have made their own deviations in the story line. Ram participates in Sita’s Swayamvar not as a prince, but as a Sadhu or mendicant, because it happens during his exile.

There are no written scripts in both cases, but elements of local culture are present in both.

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