Sacred Chants: For Stress Relief, Immunity and Longevity (Volume III)(Audio CD)

Item Code: IZZ959
Uma Mohan and G. Ghayathri DeviKosmic Music Pvt. Ltd. Chennai (2010)

From the Audio CD
Artist: Uma Mohan and G. Ghayathri Devi
Catlogue No: KM 1043D
Format: Audio CD


About the Audio CD

The stotras rendered in this album creative vibrations in the body, heart and min will in turn work on the immune system to relieve one from stress and give the freedom of immortality.

Vishnu Stuti-Vishnu Shodashanamani
Contemplating on the protector of all creation to make us embodiment of peace like Himself. To relieve us of the fear of existence, rebirth and disease, protecting our body and actions at every moment.

Experiencing the existence of the force that is all knowing which guided us as a local guide would do taking us where we should go without obstacles deterring our progress. This guiding compassionate energy which bestows auspiciousness and joy will always protect us.

Feeling… that this body is merely a gift to us experience freedom. The heavenly healer is present in each cell of our being and will respond to our gratitude and love for him automatically healing our system…

Mahishasuramardini Stotram
Calling upon the vital driving force which acts upon all that is protecting our physical body and being expelling negativities from our consciousness making us free of stress bestowing upon us a silent mind powerful physique with constant reception of divine grace.

This body is not our we have but the pleasure of using it to execute the divine will. The in dweller who resided in our hearts is adored and worshiped and requested to take care of his abode this body. All actions we do knowingly or unknowingly which displease creation seek pardon at the feet of the compassionate. His home our body is now his responsibilities to protect!

Sri Vasishta has rendered
This composition making one aware of how each of our body parts is being protected by our creator how the divine doctor attends to our every cell which function ceaselessly without us being aware of it. Feeling the presence of this divine protector itself, is the medicine for eternal life. Awaken and experience the nectarine taste of immortality.

Mrityunjaya Stotram
A prayer to ‘Rudra’ (meaning elevation fro suffering) a phenomenon personified which causes us to be delivered of pain. Markandaya divine words request the cosmic controller to set us free of the fear of death and disease born out of attachment and insecurities. This freedom experienced by saints could be course by merely listening to these wonderful words.

We ask for clarity prosperity and peace to engulf every being in creation and transport us to the plane of supreme bliss where there is no judgment disease of suffering only the beauty of sacredness…



1. Vishnustuti – Vishnushodashanamani
2. Totakashtam
3. Vaidhyanathashtakam
4. Mahishasuramardinistotram
5. Sivamanasapooja
6. Mritansanjeevani Stotram
7. Mrityunjayastotram
8. Mangalacharan


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