Sacred Chants of Gayatri Sanskrit (Audio CD)

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Prof. ThiagarajanSuper Audio (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd. (2008)
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Sacred Chants of Gayatri

Gayatri is the greatest Mantra of the Vedic lore, and comes with the assurance that those who take refuge in it will be protected in every way. Such is its power that it is called the mother of the Vedic mantras. The body is considered to be the temple…the soul that inhabits it is divine. The repetition of the Gayatri mantra gives the body and mind the purity that is needed for the soul to shed light all around. The divine light manifested through the adoration of the Gayatri mantra is capable of giving leadership and direction to society. Such is its power and effectiveness. The Gayatri Mantra is the fire that burns away impurities and makes it adorer a light unto himself and to the whole world.

In this album you have the general Gayatri mantra rendered in the traditional way by senior pandits. Give ear to it and let its vibrations pervade your consciousness. Gradually you will find the mantra becoming a part of your soul. In this album, apart from the well-known Gayatri, you have Gayatri mantras addressed to other deities. These can be repeated for gaining specific rewards. Repeating or hearing the Ganapati Gayatri, helps you triumph in the endeavours you have taken up. The Shiva Gayatri is reputed to bring untold wealth. The Kubera Gayatri helps the consolidation of wealth. The Sarabha Gayatri comes of use in defeating enemies. This album brings you the Gayatri in all its glory.

1. Gayatri
2. Ganapati Gayatri
3. Shyamala Gayatri
4. Shiva Gayatri
5. Kali Gayatri
6. Sri Lalita Gayatri Rudra Gayatri
8. Kubera Gayatri
9. Sarabha Gayatri
10. Natesa Gayatri and Dhyanam
11. Hanuman Gayatri

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