Sacred Chants Vol. 7: Seeking Forgiveness and to Experience Unconditional Love (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

Item Code: IZA055
Kosmik Global Media Pvt. Ltd. (2011)
From The Audio CD
Music arranged and Programmed by Stephen Devassy
Vocals: Vinaya (G. Ghayathri Devi), S. Saindhavi and Sruthi
Catlogue No: KM730010
Format: Audio CD

About The Audio CD

Timeless compositions by eminent Hindu saints and sages like Sri Indra, Sri Veda Vyasa and Sri Adi Shankaracharya have been instrumental in uplifting states of our consciousness. Having experienced such consciousness themselves, they sought to establish a connection with the Supreme Being through stimulating verses as presented here. It is an extraordinary experience to feel the cosmic presence, and to comprehend the different forms of the Supreme Being as merely being a part of the whole.

These sacred mantras are said to have the potential to evoke a response from our nervous and endocrine systems and effect a positive influence on the brain and thought processes as well.

Chanting these mantras also reiterates the timeless-theme that only through bhakti (devotion)- can mukti (enlightenment or union with Divine) be attained, which is central focus of Hinduism and other religions too.


1. Ganesha Bhujanga Prayatham
2. Subramanyaashtaka
3. Sri Durgadevi Dhyana
4. Arya Durga Ashtaka
5. Mahamuneeswara Mantra
6. Shaashthaashtaka

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