Shri Narayan Kavach: The Impregnable Armour Against All Evils (Audio CD)

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Bhagwat Acharya Shri Gopal GoswamijiTimes Music (2008)
About the CD

Bhagwat Acharya Shri Venu Gopal Goswamiji
Sri Chaitanya Sampradayachrya Sant Venu Gopalji Goswami was born in the lineage of Sri Gopal Bhatta Goswami, the successor to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, on Sharad Purnima in 1961, in the city of Vrindaban, the playground of Lord Krishna.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree at the Benaras Hindu University in Sanskrit, Philosophy, Ancient Indian History and Archeology. Later he joined the Centre for Advanced Studies in Sanskrit at Poona University for his Master’s degree in Vedanta. In pursuit of higher learning, Venu Gopalji returned to Varanasi (the city of learning). Sitting at the feet of his Guru Prof. T.R.V. Murti (who taught at the Harvard University) the deeper meanings of Bhakti-Sastra were unraveled to him.

The five hundred year old family tradition of preaching Shrimad Bhagwat Purana has been passed on to him by his father Sant Sri Purushottam Goswamiji Maharaj, who is a leading authority on it himself. In Ancient India the hymns from the Vedas were recited with music. Keeping the same tradition alive, Venu Gopalji has evolved a unique style of singing shlokas from Bhagwat Purana and explaining them. he received his formal training in Indian Classical Music from the renowned vocalist Sri Padmavibhushan Pandit Jasraj. Goswamiji has preached for over a decade in 55 cities of 22 countries.

His teachings have benefited many in solving problems in their daily lives. he believes that the teachings of Bhagwat Purana can remove the suffering in Kaliyug. Sant Venu Gopal Goswami is a young Acharya in Radha Raman, one of the oldest temples of Vrindaban.

Protect yourself with Narayan Kavach an armour that was gifted by Vishvaroopa to Lord Indra. A powerful protection from all evils, now include it in your prayers and get rid of all obstacles.

1. Commentary

2. Shanta Kaaram

3. Narayan Kavacham (Anga Nyas)

4. Narayan Kavacham (Kawach Paath)

5. Narayan Kavacham (Mahatva)

6. Shanta Kaaram

7. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu

8. Om Namo Narayany

9. Deen Bandhu Kripa Sindhu

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