Yoga for Sleeping Disorders (With English Sub-Titles) (DVD)

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Dr. Ananda BalayogiSuper Audio Chennai (2009)1 Hr 20 Minutes
About the CD

Yoga’s comprehensive methodology includes many techniques that serve the popular goals of enhancing or restoring fitness and health. It is a psycho spiritual discipline that also contains a therapeutic component. This presentation introduces various practices from the Gitananda Yoga tradition that can help those suffering from sleeping disorders. Most of these disorders are either caused or aggravated by stress and the regular practice of Yoga helps reduce stress levels thus producing a state of peaceful harmony at all levels of existence.

Introduction to Yoga for sleeping disorders 1
Nasarga Mukha Bhastrika 2
Hastha Kona Kriya 3
Padottana Asana 4
Sukha Asana 5
Brahma Mudra 6
Chatus Pada Asana 7
Vyagraha Pranayama 8
Mehru Asana 9
Chiri Kriya 10
Purvottana Asana 11
Eka Pada Uttanpada Asana 12
Dwi Pada Uttanpada Asana 13
Pawan Mukta Asana 14
Sarvanga Asana 15
Viparita Karani 16
Sapurna Matsya Asana 17
Makara Asana 18
Bhramari Pranayama 19
Chandra Nadi Pranayama 20
Pranava Pranayama 21
Shava Asana 22
Spanda - Nishpanda Kriya 23
Dridha Kriya 24
Kaya Kriya 25
Anu Loma Viloma Kriya 26
Om Japa 27
Introduction to Yoga as a therapy 28

Title - Yoga for Sleeping Disorders
Language - English
Subtitle - English
Running Length 1 Hr 20 Mins
Audio - Stereo Dolby Digital
Regions - NTSC All Regions
Catalogue Number - 10150

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