Tamil Vastu Pyramid

Tamil Vastu Pyramid

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Vaastu is a science (Shastra) of arranging the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and sky in complete harmony. Experts say that the fundamental principle of Vaastu Shastra is to add value to a man’s life. Behind every Vaastu guideline, there is a scientific reasoning that aims at providing an organized and convenient life to everyone. To nullify negativities that make a home devoid of prosperity and contentment, Every house needs to be corrected with Vastu and make it a secured place. pyramids are such energized instrument which has their powers and are not charged by some tricks but are organically charged. Therefore it becomes important to neutralize the energies with pyramids.in metaphysical studies,.reearch and experiments have shown that pyramid powers change the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals who have been exposed to its vibrations.

This awesome pyramid structure is made of pure high-grade copper by composing all the four sides in sloping or slanting position meeting at the top just like an Egypt pyramid; geometrically four triangles are meeting at a point in sloping style. All the sides are fabulously inscribed with effective mantras & symbols in great Tamil language and carved with the holy ‘om’ at the top. the whole structure is placed inside a copper square plate with a heightened boundary on all sides.

This Vastu pyramid naturally generates energy to heal a place by counteracting negative energies .it will certainly remove or recycle stagnated and negative energy and focus harmonizing energies. Place this vasthu yantra pyramid in your house/office to get rid of vasthu dosha.

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2 inch Height x 3 inch Width x 3 inch Depth
70 gm
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