Gemstone Pendant with Granulation

Gemstone Pendant with Granulation

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"As women, one can never have sufficient jewelry for the different occasions we attend. From leading in the workplace, to taking care of our family at home, or a fun night out with friends, like us, this jewelry is versatile and effortlessly jazzes up to suit different styles of outfits, while saving us the hassle of keeping a spare jewelry with us at all times to suit a separate functions.

This pendant is available in three different types of gemstones; carnelian, garnet and malachite. Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, garnet is known for improving blood circulation whereas malachite opens the heart to abundance of love. Overall, this pendant is shaped like a teardrop. The five gemstones are arranged with one each at the top and bottom, and the remaining three in the centre. This is to symbolize harmony and balance. The top of the pendant is patterned in small hook-like designs, and the lower half of the pendant is dotted with. This pendant is 2.5 inch tall, and 1.2 inch wide, weighing just 11.8grams. It is definitely a headturner and its unique shape will be a good conversation starter at gatherings.

When treated with care, this jewelry is made to last. The jewelry designs here at Exotic India Art are classic timeless pieces. Made with quality materials and gemstones known for its positive energy and healing properties, the wearer and the jewelry forms an affinity with each other over time. Each piece is treasured and kept in proper conditions by our customers, which in turn, receive an abundance of good blessings. Limited in stock, we believe that each piece of jewelry from Exotic India Art is ""fated"" to be with their owner. If you have been eyeing this piece of jewelry for quite some time and have a good feeling about this, get it now. We trust that you will not regret it. "

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Item Code: JPB91
Sterling Silver
2.5 inch Height 1.2 inch Width
11.88 gm
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