Majestic and Affluent Lady

Majestic and Affluent Lady

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Oil Painting on Canvas
3.0 feet x 4.5 feet
This painting, rich in colour and texture, enlivens the theme and turn it to drama. The subject is a woman, no longer in her youth, but there is no stress on age, for not that, but womankind, or femininity is the artists' theme. If there is drama enacted on the canvas, the action is clearly defined by the mood. An emotive use of forms and a sensuous use of colour have found its way in this painting.

The lady of noble bearing is wearing white rich apparel with gold embroidery. She wears a velvet overcoat with a red inner and a peacock blue colour on the outside. This robe also has heavy gold embroidery. The clothes, together with the lady's demeanor speak of affluence. She has a wide face, a la Ravi Verma types, with a double chin and thick lips painted pale pink. That she is living in the lap of luxury is apparent from the attendants hovering around her. She is in the process of undressing. One of the attendants is helping her take off clothes, while another stands collecting the discarded clothes and jewellery. The latter is a negress wearing the typical headscarf. The former and the other attendants wear 'chadar' over their heads and shoulders. She is holding a smoldering 'huqqa' in her hand, which she has picked up from the small table lying close by. The lady after changing out of the heavy clothes will want to relax with the pipe, hence the prior preparation.

The foreground is tiled and a step lower probably leads to the lady's resting quarters. The walls in the background have niches painted on them. There is symmetry and pictorial geometry of Islamic tradition and then there is the sensuous and the mystical of Hindu art and letters.

This description by Kiranjyot.

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