Mangala Yantra (Navagraha Yantra)

Mangala Yantra (Navagraha Yantra)

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Mangala, also known as Mars, is considered a god of war. He is part of the Navagraha or the nine heavenly bodies of the universe. This group of nine celestial beings make up the Hindu zodiac and is composed of deities such as Surya (the sun), Chandra (the moon), Mangala, and others. Some myths write Mangala as being born from Bhumi, an Earth Goddess with Vishnu. Meanwhile, other legends spoke of him as one who sprung from Shiva's sweat and blood.

Mangala is often depicted with red skin, akin to the color of Mars. He has four arms and carries a trident mounted on a ram. He is also known to be the ruler of Tuesday, a fitting day as Mangala's name was rooted in Mangalavara or Tuesday in Hindu. This Mangala Yantra is a piece that can be displayed on an altar to appease Mars whose power is believed to also hold influencer over people’s actions. If actions governed under Surya or the sun is guided by logic and reason, actions under Mars is raw and uninhibited. This Mangala Yantra is etched on brass and features triangles whose top parts are in red, consistent with Mangala's red icon.

Mars is also said to manifest human’s energy and movement. Stories suggest that this yantra is ideally owned and utilized by people who have incurred debts or those unable to find life partners or have children. Fire is Mangala's associated element. In this respect, Mangala or Mars is also associated with those who work in the military, sports, surgery, and others of similar nature. The Mangala Yantra is believed to help worshippers overcome obstacles and help them succeed after exerting the necessary effort. This Mangal Yantra can help ward off the negative effects of Mars such as being prone to injury, accidents, and other unfortunate circumstances.

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