Trailokya Vishvakarma Lakshmi Yantra (Yantra  for Money and Prosperity)

Trailokya Vishvakarma Lakshmi Yantra (Yantra for Money and Prosperity)

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Yantras are the spiritual doorways to the macrocosm. They are the tool that allows the microcosmic mind to focus and traverse distances not possible for the human body. In this light, they are the harbinger of affluence and well-being and harmony. The Trailokya Vishvakarma Lakshmi Yantra bestows great fortune and wealth on the devotee. Its worship needs to take place under the guidance of an experienced astrologer, and coupled with hard work and wise decisions in other areas of life. Of considerable complexity, each enclosure on the flawlessly engraved surface area of the thin copper sheet is inscribed with sacred chants. The mantra along the bottom reads, "Shri vishvakarman bhuvaneshu pujyo tvameva shaktishch pramustvameva/Nanyostiloke tvadhikastvamekaha sarvetare sevakadasa bhritaha".
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