31" Large Size Lord Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

31" Large Size Lord Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Lord Ganapati is revered as the deity of beginnings throughout the cosmos, as an embodiment of wisdom, intelligence, and the master of all. Ganesha's image is an archetype. It is full of numerous meanings and symbols that express a state of perfection. This exquisite and huge brass figure is made of amber-gold pinchbeck and embellished with intricate details.

He is seated on a cushion with intricate carvings, a sheet of lotus petal carvings on top and spiral rounds around the circumference. The plump boyish god is neatly sitting on a podium with his vahana, the mouse, in utter appeal; while to the right is a kalasha-and-coconut arrangement essential to ritual worship.

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Brass Statue
31 inch X 25 inch X 15 inch
64.50 kg

Missing a tusk, he has a third eye and large ears beautified with jewels. Two of his hands hold attributes, a battle axe on the right hand and the lotus flower on the left. The second right arm bestows with a blessing while the other hand is holding a modak. He is seated in a short dhoti with the ends of cummerbund hanging on either side of the plump thighs. He is garlanded in the golden necklace and pearl long necklace which drape around his legs. Ganesha’s colossal crown symbolizes his unique thinking. These elements of the art convey the seated figure's devoutness and divinity. He is a God of knowledge and the remover of all stumbling blocks. He stays calm and composed, his gaze fixed on the horizon in all enormities. Brass has been used for sculpting this Ganesha murti, pinchbeck recognized for its rigidity and unyielding texture. This beautiful composition took a lot of expertise and shraddha to create. The artisan's attention to detail, both in terms of ornamentation and engraving makes it a collectable work of art.

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