32" Lord Ganesha Decorated with Inlay Work In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

32" Lord Ganesha Decorated with Inlay Work In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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A beautiful large-size brass statue of Lord Ganesha in a sitting posture. It’s a heavy statue weighing over 80 kgs. Notice the fine inlay work in multi-colour - red, blue, gold, silver, and green. His dhoti, bracelet, crown, garland, halo and angavastram all are luxuriously ornate. The elephant-headed god wears traditional tilak on his forehead topped by the symbol of the half-moon. Lord Ganesha has many names - Ganapati, Vinayaka. And in all of these names he is the leader of men and other beings. The haloed crown and the royal rectangular pedestal accentuate this royal bearing of his.

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Item Code: ZEO046
Brass Statue With Inlay Work
32.60 inch Height X 28.00 inch Width x 16.50 inch Depth
82.50 kg

In this brilliant feat of workmanship we see Lord Ganesha sitting on a rectangular brass pedestal alongside his faithful ride - the mouse, resting against a colourful pillow, visible from behind. The god sits with one leg folded and the other flat against the pedestal. This is his full and glorious four-armed manifestation. His lower left hand holds the modak, representing spiritual seeking, while the corresponding right blesses his devotees in Varada Mudra. The rear right hand holds the noose which signifies the attachments that bind us. The ankush or the elephant-goad signifies the leash on our symbolic elephant of anger, the Krodha. 

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