Bhagawan Shiva with Nandi Seated at His Feet

Bhagawan Shiva with Nandi Seated at His Feet

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‘Karpurgauram Karunavataram, Sansarsaram Bhujgendraharam’

From the above verse one can understand the transcendental form of Lord Shiva which has been depicted in this sculpture with a huge amount of dedication.

As, Godhead Lord Shambhu has a fair complexion as pure as camphor, he is the essence of the world and has adorned a large serpent around his neck who is the king of all the snakes of the universe and is known as Sheshnaag (Nagendra).

Here, Lord is seated on lion’s skin placed on an ice rock which is looking pretty realistic while shiva is postured in his unique chaturbhuja rupa in which he holds his auspicious implements which are Trishula, Damaru, and a divine kamandal (metal container) filled with sacred gangajal and with his lower right hand he is posing an ‘Abhaya Mudra’ which makes his devotees fearless and provide them with a shower of bliss.

Here are some of the amazing features in this craft which are incredible and attract everyone towards It and makes this masterpiece the best and worthy illustration to behave at home; the iconic and detailed jata (shreds), the shower of ganga jal splashing out from the bottom of deity’s head, the sober and soothing Tripundra tilak over the wide forehead along with an eye placed in between that’s why he is called trilochan; symbols of spirituality such as, rudraksha bands and necklaces, snakes across the figure, the sweetly carved out lotus feet of him along with the great nandi seated below as he shows his respect towards his master of Lord Shiva and last but not the least the majestic aureole behind the lotus head of Shri Shankar ji.

This is an astonishing white marble composition that has been brilliantly carved out and designed in vibrant colors as well as it highly contributes to the art culture of India.

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White Marble Statue
24.00 inch Height X 13.50 inch Width x 7.00 inch Depth
36.50 kg
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