Camas-a (Vedic Yajna Implement)

Camas-a (Vedic Yajna Implement)

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2 inch x 7.3 inch x 3.2 inch
210 gm



Camasa-s are soma-offering cups utilized by sacrificial priests. Pranitapranayanam camasamadbhi pariksalayati tusnim kamsam mrnmayam ca Apa. 1-16-3 he washes the wooden goblet to be used for carrying forward of the Pranita-water by means of water. If the goblet is made of wood, it should be washed accompanied by mantras. If it is made of bronze or mud, it is washed without the mantras. These options are based on the aspiration of the Sacrificer. The kamsya should be used if one wishes the Brahmic-lustre: mud for one who wishes fame: the godohana vessel if one wishes cattle. If devoid of any specific wish, wood is suggested. It has a length of one pradesha, and width and height of one four cubits (catur angula). Placing it near the Garhapatya fire, it is filled less to the brim and placed to the northern side of the Ahavaniya fire on the darbha grass along with water. This is technically known as apampranayana. The waters in it are taken in the Sruva, supported by the grass-brush, and having poured it into the fried flour, and then pouring the hot-water in it (the flour) and having made it into a ball, the Purodasha is preapared. sruvena pranitabhya adaya vedenopayamya samapo adbhiragamateti pistesvaniyadbhih 1-24-5.


At the conclusion of the Sacrifice, the water in it is poured in the antarvedi, the altar and eyes are washed with it antarvedi pranita asadya vimuncati 3-13-5 having placed the Pranita water within the altar, he unyokes (it).


The same water is called avabhrta in the Isti. This utensil is preserved for the life of the Sacrificer. In the antyesti, it is placed in the middle portion of the Sacrificer. Thus it is mentioned - madhye pranitapranayanam. It has the shape of a rectangle.


A. Vajina Camasa : In the Caturmasya-Sacrifices, the remnants of Amiksha, known as vajina should be offered in Sacrifice with the Camasa, called Vajina Camasa. vasatkrte camasena juhoti Apa. 8-3-8. Its shape and characteristics are similar to the one described above.


B. Vratapradana Camasa : In the Somayaga, it is used optionally, to hold milk etc. in the place of utensil by the Sacrificer camasam vratapradhanamabhimantrya. Its shape and characteristics are similar to the one described above.


C. Tanunaptra Camasa : In the Soma Sacrifice, the priests touch the ghee for the sake of ca- maraderie. The Camasa in which it is placed is known as Tanunaptra Camasa. It is used optionally for the Sruk. Sruci camase va tanunaptram samavadyati Apa.ll-1-1.


Its shape and characteristics are similar to the one described above.

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