Devi Kali, Confluence Of Beauty And Ferocity

Devi Kali, Confluence Of Beauty And Ferocity

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The Mother Kali is an unusual deity. The hallmarks of the Hindu Devi are all in Her. She is supremely beautiful, a yogini of the highest adhikara, and bears superlative strength. Yet, She is unlike anything you have ever set eyes on. For one, wrath is an integral part of Her personality. While the rest of the feminine pantheon are depicted as calm and reserved, Devi Kali comes with an iconography that takes you aback by the senses.

Her complexion is the deepest shade of black, a sign of Her all-absorbing nature. The superb features of Her face are contorted in a highly characteristic expression of ferocity - eyes boring through adharma, tongue lolling out in thirst for conquering the same. From the seductive mass of hair flying behind Her to the language of Her lithe woman’s body, Her stance is one of untiring ferocity. She is invincible, vanquisher of the finest bit of adharma in the universe.

The iconography in this one-of-a-kind Devi Kali composition is replete with severed heads, the freshly sharpened weapon, and Her husband, Lord Shiva, lying supine at Her feet. The gold and jewels of Her shringar make for a stark contrast to Her complexion. The same could be said about the pink of Her delicate skin, and the halo behind Her head. Atop the same sits a gold crown befitting Her status as the divine protectoress-queen.

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Black Marble Statue
18.50 inch Height x 11.80 inch Width x 5.00 inch Depth
10.6 kg
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