Guhya Kali - The Secret, Tantric Form of Goddess Kali

Guhya Kali - The Secret, Tantric Form of Goddess Kali


Kali, the most powerful form of Shakti is the destroyer of evil forces. This divine mother is worshipped in various forms with Guhyakali being her tantric and the most secretive form. She is depicted in a fierce black marble having ten faces descending upwards and twenty seven eyes; her left leg is placed on Shiva’s (her consort) chest, who lies on a rectangular pedestal. Her tantric practices are held secret unless instructed by tantric guru; she represents both srishti and samhara equally.

This secretive and rare form of Kali sculpture represents her hair flowing down in all its fierceness. Her ten faces represent different animal aspects- Dvipika: a leopard or panther, Keshari: a white lion, Pheru: black jackal, Vanara: red monkey, Riksha: purple bear, Nara: cochineal colored woman, Tawny: garuda, Makara: turmeric colored crocodile, Gaja: gold colored elephant, Haya: dark colored horse.

She has eight hands holding her all fearsome weapons accentuating her caring yet fiery nature. The pink colored briefings with gold jewels and crowns on the sculpture are major aspects in developing its petrified nature in a beauteous manner.

Item Code: ZEN067
Black Marble Statue
14.80 inch Height x 10.00 inch Width x 3.70 inch Depth
4.90 kg
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