Mother Goddess Kali

Mother Goddess Kali


Kali is one of the most enigmatic deities of the modern era and represents the time that is depleting day by day and destroying the world. She is the supreme energy responsible for dissolution of the created universe, therefore she is depicted as awe striking and fearful. She is the mother of all, responsible for destruction as well as creation; demolition of the evil and worse for the formation of good for mankind.

This black colored stone statue is symbolic of Kali in her fiercest form, as black represents anger and fury. Standing in her challenging posture, she represents wrathfulness; left leg is on the pedestal and right kept on Shiva’s (her husband) chest, as a reaction of being disturbed by him while performing her victory dance, but on the contrary, the tongue lolling out is illustrative of realizing her guilt and shame of stepping on Shiva. She wears a fierce garland of skulls representing the cosmic sounds from which the entire creation has proceeded. Right hand is in a gesture of blessing and fearlessness; left hand holds a cup of blood of the evil doers. In her rear hands, she holds a skull symbolizing ego and a scimitar to show power respectively. She adorns an apparel of human hands reflecting human acts that rotate through life. Golden colored aureole and matching jewels are beautifully contrasting the black colored body with skin colored palms and feet. Her long disheveled hair represents her freedom from the strong and peaceful forces of time.

This unique statue is crafted from a single stone with ultimate perfection, maintaining its aura and beauty.

Item Code: ZEN127
Black Marble Statue
18.20 inch Height x 12.00 inch Width x 3.20 inch Depth
9.30 kg
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